The Truth About Work

The Truth about Work The analytic philosopher Bertrand Russell once wrote, “Most of the work that most people have to do is not in itself interesting, but even such work has certain advantages. ” This is an interesting quote that invokes thought. It is true, even work that Is not enjoyable has its advantages.

These advantages could be monetary value, workplace benefits, or even Just sheer convenience. Whatever advantages people may find, It is enough to keep society as a whole dependent on their Jobs. Their lives circulate around it.

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Russell statement attempts to paint a positive light on a negative situation: Every Job has Its benefits. This Is undeniable. Even bad Jobs have good qualities, or else nobody would ever work there. A fry cook at McDonald’s may hate his dead-end Job, but It pays for their student loans.

A social worker may be In danger at any given moment, but the medical care and retirement plan may outweigh that risk. Rarely do people ever fall Into their dream career; even those that do eventually find displeasure In It, but the thing they obtain from that Job that sakes it worth it.If a person wishes to live lavishly they may need to step into a career that they do not particularly enjoy but pays well. Simply put, the work itself may not be ideal, but what they obtain from it may be the key factor for doing it. Conversely, Russell statement bears a negative aspect. Some people are forced into their job because of social pressure or even borderline slavery in many countries.

These jobs are rarely enjoyable and rarely have benefits. Sweatshop workers rarely have a choice in what they do.They are forced to do their Job at the hands of their employer by means of necessity or threats. Sometimes, their lives or their family’s lives are threatened, but working that Job keeps their families and themselves safe – that is an advantage. This is not ideal in any situation.

People should be free to make their own decisions on what their Job entails and if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. For some of these people, there is no choice. Although a particular job may not be enjoyable, there is always something that draws a person in.This could e a high salary, benefits like healthcare or retirement plans, or a short distance to drive or walk to work. Even a social aspect of a Job can draw someone in: Perhaps the workplace is quiet and easy to relax into or it’s buzzing and littered with conversation. Any of these things can pull a person to, not necessarily enjoy the job Itself, but enjoy aspects of the Job that make the discontent worth It in the long run. There Is a reason the stereotype that Jobs are miserable and tedious exist.

This has been portrayed in every media outlet: Books, cartoons, television shows, movies.But even through all of the discontent portrayed, mostly everyone eventually gets a Job. It Is because the advantages of having one outweigh the disadvantages. In conclusion, Bertrand Russell statement Is an Interesting comment. It holds aspects, both positive and negative that ring true. HIS statement Is correct, though. Most work does have Its advantages.

It Is up to the person working whether or not those advantages outweigh the disadvantages. It Is up to them to decide If they want to fall Into the routine that society has created. After all, Bertrand Russell also said, “l think.