The United States aim to make education better

TheMagic of Our Generation     Lately, countries compete with each otherin most fields.

Largely, the countries are competing in the field of technologyand education, because they know that these concepts will make the countrybetter.Developed countries some of which are Germany,UK and United States aimto make education better obviously.In such countries like this, work ontechnology and education are ongoing without interruption.For me, education isthe most important thing in the development of a country.It enhances ourresponsibility, experience learning skills and so on.We can’t ignore theimportance of education.

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Smith (2015) says education is a process of inviting desire, of encouraging and givingtime to explore.It is, as Dewey (1916) put it, a social process – ‘a process ofliving and not a preparation for future living’.Besides, there are many methodsof education.

Some of them are distance learning and traditional education.Theseare the two important methods of education.The definition of distance learningis a way of learning without face-to-face contact with a teacher in the class.

Hassenburg(2009) ‘The aim of this is deliver, through high-technology, education tostudents who are not physically in the classroom.In contrast, traditionaleducation focuses on the values a culture conventionally.With the development of technology, these twomethods are constantly on the agenda.

I think, distance learning is better thantraditional education.     Current trends in the field of distancelearning show that flexibility is one of the most important thing in someaspects of learning.Flexibility is the ability to be easily modified tosomething.Flexibility is what makes distance learning special.

”Flexibility was really important,” says Gianissisand also “I had a study calendar with targets, but it’s up to you how tomeet them, which meant I could carry on working. That was a big deciding factor– I couldn’t have afforded to become a full-time student. I needed to keepearning”.It means that we cannot always conform to classroom accordingto the course of the class.Basically, we can study whatever we want,and no onecan abuse what we study for.Flexibility also plays an important role for thenew learners.It allows students to study on time which works for other sightsof life whether personal interest or career.

With the aid of this, students andeven teachers feel relaxed.If we think creatively, we can benefit many variousonline activities which are involved in flexility in that  field.One of the most important person inflexibility area Roger Mills clarifies that Mills (2002) clarifies mostly, forexample, the visible level, are the brand new technologies for learning, whichhave accelareted widespread introduction of resource-based and flexible.We canunderstand from this sample that flexibility is very effective for distance learners.     The other thing is selection of professorwhich is included flexibility.Distance learning may enable students to select aprofessor.Professors who are most prestigious ones can enhance your learningskills, because they do have experiences in the field of education.

In contrast,traditional education has limited options.Midgley (2010) says that ”with theaid of various professors, in the UK such learning hasits roots in students learning through correspondence courses.”A professor wholacks of information in a field, other can complete.There are many universitessuch as Open University, largest academic institution in UK, and BirminghamUniversity  which provides variousprofessors considered as data base of United Kingdom.

These universities keepmaking United Kingdom a better country with the benefits of distance learning.Studentscould prefer their professors according to their interest.In these areas,education becomes prominent for high and low achievers.With the benefits of distancelearning provides, new trends in education preclude traditional education.     Some parents may argue that students muststudy on time and should study their own work places.Although it seems like agood idea, sometimes students may not adapt themselves on specific time or aspecific place.I understand that parents want to be disciplined.

However, ifparents ignore their child mood, students can’t work as they wish.Simonson (n.d.)  implies universities benefit by adding students without having to housing.Studyingwherever you want or when to study make distance learning distinctive.Intraditional education, you are required to fit your all stuffs according to compulsorystudy hours.With distance learning, your willings fit times and places.

     Facilities which are lesson accessibility,lifelong learning and opportunity to study more subjects are priceless fordistance learning.With the lesson accessibility, you can reach the specificlesson and make your preparation according to your lesson.For example, somestudents do not come to the school because they do not have time for everysingle lesson.Therefore, students who are working out of the school misslectures.As a result, in conventional way, they take a bad mark and fall behindthe class.Thanks to distance learning, either after your work or before yourwork on a job, even at work break you can easily access every single lesson asyou  wish.Therefore, we might not fallbehind the class.That is a new trend of distance learning.

People benefit fromit.On the other hand, some students who study at traditional education preferto access lessons whenever they want.From this sample, we can say thattraditional education’s aim a bit changed.As a result, recently, distancelearning popularity has increased nonstop because of its accessibility toclasses with mobile phones and computers.These technological devices aid todistance learning beyond any doubt.

Actually, distance learning owes a lot totechnological devices.Their importance cannot be ignored.Distance learning isunthinkable without technology.

     Here are some people that say elder peopleno need to study anymore because they are old and lack of learning skills ineducational areas.At some points, they might be right, but they prevent thedevelopment of country.I understand that people who against the study of oldpeople might want to their parents to rest.However, if opposed people’s ideaskeep stable, there will be decrease in education level.

Faure (1972) suggestedthat  ”the concept of lifelong educationoffered a possible solution to the education crisis, and indeed should beadopted as the guiding principle for reforming education at all levels and inall countries.” Elder distance learners can benefit lifelong learning aftergraduation regardless of location or principles.They might resume theireducation even if they finished school life.In traditional education, there isno chance to continue your school life, because the principles in conventionaleducation pay attention to your age, whether you finish your school life or notor your capable of learning skills.

Almost fifty years ago, Cropley (2000) saysthat since then the notion of lifelong education has been the subject ofconsiderable discussion, and has been spelt out in terms of implications forschooling.Knapper (2000) shows that lifelong education can be seen as areaction against certain features of existing educational practice.With theview that all necessary qualifications can be acquired during a brief period oflearning prior to commencement of the working life.”At that point, we assupport distance learning, should adapt old people to education with the helpof distance learning.     Within the facilities, distance learningalso provides the opportunity to reach at some online programs which aren’tavailable in traditional education.Programs such as Changing Employee Behaviour(CEB), Being Innovative (BI), and Building Business Sustainability (BBS) areused in distance learning effectively.These problems provide practical learningexperience that help you determine strategies of your interests.Using suchprograms like those aim to think creatively about continuity, and to measurethe social interests.

Belanger (1999) clarifies that learners have more controlover their learning environment and can work at their own pace on some of thematerial.From this sample, we understand that programs which are not used intraditional education area support us to realize our own interests.For me, ourpurpose should be make online programs available as much as possible for bothyoung learners and elder learners, because online programs appeal to mostpeople with higher technologies.

Berge (1995) says that computer-mediatedcommunication and networking in general can promote long-distance collaborationamong students and content specialists in many different areas. The integrateduse of technology offers many educational opportunities and possibilities whendriven by sound visions of learning.So the point is the more people use variousonline programs, the more successful there is.     There are also some opportunities thatdistance learning give such as savings.

Simply, time means the progress ofevents.It is priceless.We can say that time is more valuable than money forinstance.Nothing can stop this.Laura (2016) implies that some people do not realize the value oftime and spend it.Instead of focusing on important tasks at hand, they wastetheir time, thinking that they would make up the loss in the future. Theyshould realize that many of the future troubles can be avoided by taking promptaction in a timely manner.

Time cannot be recovered.It is one of the mostimportont thing in our life.For example, in traditional education, you areexpected to go to school with your stuffs;therefore, you loss your time.Incontrast, thanks to distance learning, there won’t be any loss of time as it’ssupposed to be.You can watch your lessons or listen your lessons via onlinecourse programs in order to save your invaluable time.

As a result, you won’t wasteyour time on the way to the school.Generally, we spend six hours at school.Ofcourse we cannot say that it’s a full time loss, but with the distancelearning, we can minimize the time we spend at school.

     Another aspect of saving is about money.Distancelearning costs less than traditional education.Because we don’t need to go toschool in distance learning, transportation will not be an issue.We can alsouse various e-books with the aid of distance learning.Other benefits ofdistance learning you don’t need to pay the bills because you are not wanted togo out.Pop (2016) says that traditionally, college can mean credit card bills runninginto obscene amounts to, an extra-long conversation on your cell phone withfolks back home, a fun road trip with a friend, and bam!”In contrast, Pop(2016) also shows that since it’s likely that you are going to stay at home,you will not have to pay for room and board. In distance education programmes.

     With distance learning’s flexibilityfunction, facilities and savings concepts, there is no doubt that distancelearning provides more benefits than traditional education.We understand thatwe can clarify which subject we are obliged to study anytime or students candirect themselves to their own interest easily from this concept which callsflexibility.Another benefit of flexibility, students have chance to choosetheir professor by means of distance learning’s high technologies.

It doesbenefit to students with their own interests.Most of the students have problemwith the adapt themselves to class or specific time.With wrong place to studyor time selection, they cannot give full interest to topic.

Therefore, failureis inevitable for them who have problem with concentration,but with the aid ofdistance learning, you have chance to pick your place or time selection as youwish.Kirkpatrick (2002) says that ”flexibility offers education providers aneffective means of responding to the needs of the ‘new’ learner and hence isseen as key to their survival.”The point is simple, flexibility is soimportant that it is seen as a key to success.Facitilies which provideslifelong learning, accessibility of lessons anytime or allows you to work onmore subject are very important.It eases your study.For example, you don’t needto go to school.

Savings are another thing which provide benefical stuffs.Youcan save your own money or time which is more important than money.I think thatstudents should be choose whatever they want by means of distancelearning.Lastly, if educators want success from students, we should spreaddistance learning without wasting our priceless time.