The United States hospitals in 2011, recorded an

The Safety of healthcare employees in the workplace is a
clinical problem that could be solved be researching the literature. In most
clinical settings, the safety of its employees are a predominant clinical
problem that most healthcare
employees are faced with today. The United States hospitals in 2011,
recorded an all-time high of  58,860 work
related injuries and illnesses that led to employee absenteeism, poor job
performance, poor patient care and outcomes (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013).
Some of the safety issues that directly affect healthcare employees in the
workplace are injuries due to overexertion. Considering the fact that employees
sometimes engage in rigorous tasks such as pulling, lifting, pushing and
sometimes transferring overweight patients, makes them susceptible to back and
musculoskeletal injuries. Some other potential hazards are contacting blood
borne pathogens through needle stick punctures, encountering violent patients
or confrontations from family members and natural disasters (Rogers, 2004). The population mostly involved in the
clinical problem are physicians, nurses,
certified nurse assistants, social workers, LPN’s, laboratory technicians to mention but a few between the ages of
30 and 60.

                   Some other risks that
healthcare employees face are susceptibility to infections, falls, slips and
other potential illnesses. Healthcare employees have an ethical responsibility to
render quality care to patients irrespective of race, religion, sex, age or
socio-economic status without  presenting
any harm to them (Rogers, 2004). Healthcare employees sometimes work in
hostile  environments and under pressure
to care for patients, thereby putting their own safety and health at risk.
Working in places like the emergency department or acute psychiatric wards,
expose employees to risk of direct harm from violent or aggressive patients. Healthcare
employees and patients face many related hazards. For instance, overexertion
or bodily reaction can cause caregiver injury resulting in days away from work
and this puts patients at risk for falls, bruises, 

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