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Their war between the French and Indians between 1754 and 1763. These war it was as a result of various reasons main being in need of territory, resources and trade routes. Both wanted to control fur trade and expected one day they will send settlers there. They also claimed that they owned Ohio City because they both used Native American. Since fur had become scares in the great lakes they both wanted to control the Ohio River valley to access the fur. These brought conflict between them and therefore each of their Indian accompany helped them to fight. Their main aim was to trade and get money

During these period French developed an idea of how they could be in possession of great lake. They decided to build a fort so that they tighten their hold. They also developed a new route that passed through the Ohio River to great lakes that had fur for trading. At the same time the British colonists wanted to form a route through the same place and this brought conflict   between the French and the Indians

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The territory also was one of the reason for the war between French and Indians. This territory was known as the great Ohio River valley they both wanted to possess this lake and this saw French building many forts to have a strong possession of the region. When the British minister realized this he alerted a war with the French government.

The war between the French and Indians caused a great rise in its debt to Indians although its territorial claims expanded. This debt was later worked on by the government by issuing rights for the British to tax the colonists. It also created unity between the two countries after they realized that they could unite despite some differences they have. A lot of loss of people was experienced due to the big differences they had.  The British won the war between French and Indians they forced the French to vacate and possessed many things. This made France to retain only a few parts and agreed to move away from India.

A set of laws were put by Britain whose aim was to make American colonies more dependent on manufactured products from England. All trade and production was controlled as only given set of goods were sold to British Like sugar and cotton. It also demanded trading of things like gold and the colonies could not get much of them for trading therefore they were for to use paper currency. The government only promised to give them a fixed amount of paper currency with terms. This paper currency became a stable means of exchange. After some years inflation became a serious problem because the amount of paper currency that was available in correspondence of the goods that were available for sale did not march.

Taxation laws that were set was important as it raised revenue. Those items that were consumed at home were taxed also. This were things like salt, sugar and cooking oil, it  was named as sugar act and it also taxed foreign good that were bought to balanced trading The stamp tax that was introduced affected the American colonist. This was tax in form of a stamp that was set to tax all paper documents. It was the first tax and the aim was also to raise revenue. The colonialist settlements were affected because they were denied   freedom to regulate themselves by appointing a governor to watch over them. As the economic growth expanded slaves were brought from other parts to work in the fast growing environment. The colonies later split causing war. A law was set that restricted the use of shipping from foreigners and trading between the colonies and mother country. These changed the trading and ways of lives of colonies. There were limitations on whom they could trade with and whom they could sell their products resulting to profits only to the motherland. High taxes were also levied to the colonists when providing raw materials to the motherland and these resulted to smuggling which became a successful business paving away the laws that were a result of successful economy due to set laws the colonists were allowed to form their representative government.