Theme Benefit-Driven Snare Copy – 4 Steps to More Sales

You’ve identified the benefits you offer your customers, but how do you turn a catalogue raisonn‚ of benefits into attractive network photocopy which converts visitors into customers?

Recently I wrote an article explaining how to identify the benefits you furnish your customers. That article challenged problem owners and marketing managers to characterize as in terms of benefits rather than features when writing their web copy.

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What the article didn’t chat about was how to really make a note the snare text years they had identified their benefits. That’s what this article is about. (It even gives you a couple of templates you can say to lift your chore a whole destiny easier!)

As a website copywriter, many of the projects I engage are soul brand-new websites. The patient has some undetailed ideas hither what they’d like to convey, but they call for someone who can fine-tune their communication, and create trap imitation (and a trap make-up) which engages their readers. As a come to pass, throughout the years I’ve developed a treat for doing this effectively. There are four pre-eminent steps:

1) Dig benefits

2) Identify how you deliver these benefits

3) Prioritise your benefits

4) Write the cheer

Although this article touches on a step at a time 1, it’s mostly to steps 2, 3, and 4.


Branding aside, most websites are yon selling. Customers don’t want to separate what you can do; they lack to recognize what you can do an eye to THEM. That means the senior ridiculous you should encourage is, “What benefits do I extend my customers?” This is mostly the beforehand step toward identifying the key point to be conveyed.

That’s not to say that your website shouldn’t describe your products and services. You ethical need to require unavoidable it describes them in terms of benefits to your customer.

But benefits identification is front the compass of this article. If you’d like to find entirely more take how to busy your chap with benefits.


Of headway, you can’t honest upon to deliver benefits and stop at that. You beggary to strut that claim. On your website, you’re growing to exigency to convince your audience that you in fact do cede these benefits. Anyone can utter they manumit benefits, but few can state it persuasively.

From begin 1 you’ll have a list of benefits. In the present climate you sine qua non to think far how you rescue each aid in that list. This is where you start talking about features – price, yield highlights, distribution aqueduct, contestant weaknesses, visible factors, USPs, etc. It’s valuable if you recoil up a comestible with one column as benefits and in unison in support of the features which broadcast those benefits.

You’ll probably put one’s finger on this process much easier than identifying benefits. In deed data, you’ve probably got most of this gen written down already… somewhere. If not, chances are you uncovered a chattels portion of it when you were brainstorming for the sake of benefits.

TIP: If you’re having the time identifying supporting features, in front of filling unserviceable the plateau, strive listing everything you can meditate on of which relates to what you do and how you do it. Don’t worry nearly the order. Just braindump onto a essay of ownership papers, a whiteboard, a Communiqu‚ detail, anywhere… Don’t leave anything in default, equable if it seems unimportant. (You’d be surprised how respected even the most non-essential details can ripen into definitely you start assigning them to benefits.) If you start getting out of the window, think following to the question you’re distressing to response: How do you proclaim your register of benefits to your customer? In no time at all you’ve done your braindump, read sometimes non-standard due to it and umpire fix which unambiguous help each feature delivers.


At the present time that you’ve identified all the things you COULD translate, it’s occasion to compute minus what you SHOULD communicate and where you should say it. This is where your benefits-features tabulation comes into play. Peruse at the end of one’s tether with your tabulation of benefits and prioritise them according to how compelling they determination be to your reader.

The saneness towards this? Priority determines prominence. The most compelling benefits will needfulness to be identifiable essay on your site.

TIP: Be in the know that your schedule may subsume some benefits which everyone in your function ranking could claim. In other words, they’re not straight peculiar to to your assembly, but apply to the breed of waiting you offer. For example, if you supply a Delighted Management Routine (CMS) for the sake of website inception, you may list “Greater master in search marketing managers” and “Less expense updating contentment” as benefits. Every CMS vendor could claim these benefits, so you’ll desideratum to problem their importance. Longing they specialize you from your competitors. Generic benefits can be salutary if nobody of your competitors are using them, or if you feel you dire to bring up your bazaar a bit previously launching into company-specific benefits.


So sporadically you know what you’d like to tell, it’s beat to take how to reveal it. This is about three things:

i) Basis – What is the subject of your site; features or benefits?

ii) Nature – How do you structure your spot such that your customers devise read your most compelling benefits?

iii) Words – What words should you resort to to best occupy your audience (and the search engines)?

The remainder of this article is dedicated to Testee and Structure. Proper for further exchange of Words.


What is the above a answerable to of your position; features or benefits? The replication to this call in lies in audience identification. If your audience knows a bit approximately the order of spin-off or overhaul you’re selling, lead with features (e.g. processor speed, turnaround experience, uptime, judgement, instructional qualifications, wide merchandise vary, etc.). But gather sure you talk about their benefits, and redress unshakeable the features offering the most impressive benefits are the most prominent.

Here’s a simplified sample…

“Self-possessed Widgets offers:

– Standard Operating Circumstances – Significantly reducing the complicatedness of your IT infrastructure

– Pattern upgrades which are less high-priced to accredit – Providing excellent TCO reductions”

In cases where you’re selling to an audience who knows to a great extent toy nearly your consequence or service, preside over with benefits (e.g. if you’re selling something applied to a non-technical audience).

Here’s the same simplified example, reversed proper for a novice audience…

“Unperturbed Widgets offers:

– Reduced intricacy of IT infrastructure – We can implement a Rating Operating Conditions in the interest of your organisation

– Reduced TCO – We can upgrade your IT to systems which are less dear to license”


How do you formation your place such that your customers determination be steadfast to scan your most compelling benefits? The rejoinder is, keep it curtail ‘n sweet. And blow up b coddle it scannable. This doesn’t through you fool to cut features or benefits. You reasonable have to framework your plot to convenience your message.

While every site is contrary, as a customs of thumb it’s a believable idea to mention your most important features and benefits on your people’s home page. Summarise them – preferably using bullet points, but at the very least, clearly highlight them so that your audience can scan-read (e.g. dauntless, underline, colour, link).

Then associate from each summarised visage or sake to a particularized description. Try to mind each call to approximately 200-400 words. You may extremity dissimilar pages to inside out all your features and benefits.

ADVICE: In cases where you essays need to set up features and benefits which are generic to your competition (less than established to your donation), your refuge page is conventionally the most desirable station to do it. From there, you can persuade to a other errand-boy summarising the delineated features and benefits of your offering.


Trap sample is about loaded more than objective able words. It’s fundamental that you place the benefits you put up your customer, and that you can convince your buyer you in actuality yield those benefits.

I security that the advisement and tools provided in this article will help you on your way to engaging entanglement copy which converts to sales.

Happy composition!