Themes of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Mr.Utterson and Mr. Enfield go for their walk through London, Mr. Enfield tells Mr. Utterson a story about a strange occurrence related to the mysterious basement cellar door they pass. Mr. Enfield tells Mr.

Utterson how a short old man trampled a little girl and left her screaming while he went to go fetch a doctor. Mr. Enfield and the girl’s family catch the mysterious man coming out of the cellar. They agree not to get the police involved if he pays the girl’s family. The man agrees and comes back with a check that’s doesn’t bear his name but Dr. Jekyll’s name. After hearing the story Mr.

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Utterson goes home where he removes his friend and client Dr. Henry Jekyll’s mysterious will. The will states that in case of Dr. Jekyll’s death, his substantial estate will pass over to Mr. Edward Hyde whom Utterson has never met and assumes is the man from Mr. Enfield’s story. One year later, Mr.

Hyde brutally murders Sir Danvers Carew by beating him to death with a cane. So after Utterson confronts Jekyll of Hyde harboring a murder, Jekyll claims to be done with Hyde and has a letter from him but Mr. Guest discovers that Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll’s handwriting are the same by comparing the letter with a dinner invitation written by Dr.

Jekyll. Then Lanyon’s letter is left to Mr. Utterson and says that it’s not to be read until Dr. Jekyll’s death. The letter stated that he witnessed Hyde’s transformation into Jekyll and the mysterious connection between the personas is finally explained. Mr. Utterson then gets Jekyll’s explanation of having a soul made up of two separate distinctions: good and evil. The behavior continues until he goes to sleep as Dr.

Henry Jekyll and wakes up Mr. Edward Hyde. Jekyll had to keep using potions to turn himself back to normal and when they stopped working and he was permanently turned into Mr. Hyde he ends up killing himself. The first theme of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.

Hyde is good and evil exists in people and there are…