Theoretical Frames

Throughout this poem chivalry is constantly tested and hon. through the characters and Is one of the mall frames that this poem Is focused on. Chivalry In “Sir Gain and the Green Knight” plays a huge role In every little piece of this poem. Chivalry comes from morality which comes from Christianity, therefore chivalry comes from Christianity. This upholds spiritual ideals in a spiritually fallen world. Christianity and the values known in chivalry were all brought together in this poem through the shield and pentacle.

The pentacle has many symbols and whoever has this Is known as the “noblest knight (peg. 99 line 639). ” The pentacle represents friendship, generosity, chastity, courtesy, and piety, which are all characteristics that knights must have. Sir Swain’s virtues were constantly tested throughout the poem. An example of when his virtues were tested is when Biracial De Headhunter’s wife tries to seduce him when Sir Gain is under their roof. Later on, it is found that her husband put her up to doing this.This tests Sir Swain’s virtues because he was courteous although he did not want to indulge in what she as proposing and he showed piety by not sleeping with her and respecting both her and her husband and also, himself. To me the real question In this poem Is can heavenly virtue operate in a fallen world? I ask this because many temptations are brought to these knights and it is up to them to make the right decision despite the fact that human nature makes you want to indulge in these temptations.

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Sir Swain’s virtues were tested many times throughout this poem, but this is the one that stuck out the most to me and despite everything going on he made the right decision and pet to the code of chivalry. Urethra’s court follows the code of chivalry very closely and this Is mocked when the Green Knight comes and challenges them. The court never show their true feelings about the challenge of chopping his head off if he can take the same shot a year from them. This poem reprimands chivalry a little bit because it shows how chivalry values appearance over truth in some cases.The Green Knight mocks the court for being afraid of his words which completely suggests that appearances and words hold a good amount of power over them. This Is proven true because the court does not reveal their feelings once during this scene and instead they just choose to be respectful and courteous to the Green Knight.

The Green Knight tests their chivalry and also mocks the chivalry the court holds in this scene by proposing a challenge of chopping off his head if he is able to do the same to one of them a year from then and shows that the chivalry they hold does favor appearance over truth.When Gain leaves for his challenge he is dressed up extravagantly Walt n Almonds Ana s e a Tanat symbolizes ten values en Is supposed to live and breathe by, but these are Just on the surface and outside of him which shows that he may not be certain of the chivalry beneath his “costume. ” Gain has Verticals green girdle which is supposed to keep whoever possesses his alive and safe and reveal this girdle when he sees him. He decides to not reveal the girdle as promised because of fear for his life, but this shows lack of chivalry since he did not respect his wishes.Chivalry was contradicted in this poem because Gain is opposed to respect both Verticals wishes and give Verticals wife his utmost respect at any cost but when his wife tries to seduce Gain he has to choose what to do about it and he chose to give her respect, but not fulfill her wishes and be seduced.

This is a time in the poem when chivalry contradicts itself because either way you would be disrespecting one of these people. When Gain realizes that the green girdle had no magical properties, Gain curses this girdle and carries it around as a sign of his sinfulness because he believes that this was a sign of cowardice.Gain learned from his mistakes while choosing how to show chivalry more. Chivalry is one of the major frames that was presented throughout “Sir Gain and the Green Knight” almost constantly to every knight that was present. The five virtues that each knight had to have that defined chivalry were friendship, generosity, chastity, courtesy and piety. Sir Gain was constantly being tested to see if he would go against his value or not, but each time he passed acknowledged what he had done.

Chivalry was a huge part of this poem for each knight that was in this play.