Theories of Creationism and Evolution

The theory of evolution is still a hotly debated topic within the U.

S because it goes against people’s fundamental beliefs in regards to the origin of the human species and its creator. The theory of evolution brought forth by Charles Darwin argues the idea that human beings, and all creatures within the world are a product of “natural selection” meaning that certain advantageous traits have been passed down through millions of generations. He also states that the human race has evolved from sea creatures through to apes until eventually what we are now.

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Christianity, on the contrary, believes that God created man in his image. This belief is from the book Genesis in the Bible and is now coined creationism. The Nova Documentary Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial, presented us the city of Dover, a highly Christian community in rural PA, who’s school board was divided on the idea of bringing the theory of “Intelligent Design” into their year nine school science ciriculum. The documentary follows the trial in 2005 where 11 parents from Dover charge the school district for violating the first amendment, and encroaching on their civil rights in regards to a decision made by the Dover School Board in presenting the so-called flaws in evolution and bring about a new form of creationism called intelligent design. Intelligent Design is a proposed theory disputing evolution, it believes that we as humans are to unique or “special” to come from the randomization of natural selection, so someone or something must have designed us exactly the way that we are; fish with fins, birds with wings, etc. The reason why this idea was such a drastic issue in Dover was the fact that intelligent design is a new name for creationism, and that creationism isn’t meant to be able to be taught in public schools. Currently in the U.

S., nearly half the population is Christian, and 48% of the population still questions evolution. These two …