There different languages. Something that it shares with

There are hundreds of different countries all around the world, many of which have speakers of hundreds of different languages. Urdu is a unique language with historical roots mainly in Asia.

Its’ influence in the Middle East and many other parts of the world have changed the dynamics and how many people use this language on a daily basis. There is a numerous amount of information but , if narrowed, can showcase how eclectic this language really is. I’m going to share different information to you about the Urdu language.

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There is a lot of different information about Urdu such as, what countries speak it, the history of the Urdu language, different facts, and statistics.A lot of countries speak many different languages. I am going to show you all of the countries that speak the Urdu language, and I am going to talk about them. ‘The countries that speak urdu are Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Botswana, Fiji, Germany, Guyana, India, Malawi, Mauritius, Nepal, Norway, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, the UAE, the UK and Zambia”(aboutworldlanguages).

There are many countries in the world that speak the language and many people that speak the language. The main countries that speak the language are Pakistan and India. In Pakistan the official language is urdu, but the country has very many different languages.

Something that it shares with English. It is also spoken and understood in parts of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and the Middle East, and a lot other countries around the world where Pakistan communities and people have settled. India is another main country, India also has a lot of other languages, but unlike Pakistan it is not the official language of the country. Some schools in India teach Urdu at the first language. Urdu was starting to develop in India around Delhi in about the 12th century. It was based on the language spoken all around Delhi, and it was greatly influenced by Arabic and Persia, as well as Turkish people.

Urdu shares some of its origins with hindi, it’s sometimes called the sister language. During the 14th and 15th centuries a lot of poems were being written in Urdu. More recently, Urdu has mainly been connected with the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent, but there are many major works of Urdu literature written by Hindu and Sikh writers. (

uk/atlas/urdu/language). After the creation of pakistan, Urdu was chosen to be the national language of country. Today Urdu is spoken in many countries around the world, including Britain, Canada, United states of America, India and the middle east. India and Pakistan became an independent nation in 1947, english continues to play a huge role socially and educationally.English is still the sole language of higher of education is almost every field of learning, and code switching between Hindi/Urdu and English is extremely common, especially among the educated elite. English continues to be a necessity for Pakistan, a country where the majority of the people speak punjabi and where the larger number of the other languages used day in and day out. Urdu the national language of Pakistan, was created around the 1600’s in Central Asia.

The word ‘Urdu’ comes from the turkish word ‘ordu’ meaning the word camp or the word army in the turkish language. The word was used as a communication tool that unifies, between the muslim soldiers during their conquest of Ancient India. All of the soilders were of different descents. Some were Persian, Arabian, or Turkish, but moslty all of the soilders that fought were of the Persian orgin. “This directly affected the language to be used between them.

 The language of the government and that which dominated earlier on was Farsi (?????), but eventually changed to Urdu to accommodate the other races.  Despite the fact, Urdu vocabulary contains approximately 70% Farsi and the rest being a mix of Arabic and Turkish.  The grammar takes some elements from Farsi and Arabic but also has elements that are unique and different from all three of its mother tongues.

 In current times, however, many Urdu speakers have adopted many English and Hindi terms following the effects of globalization. According to Muhammad Husain Azad, Urdu language was born as a result of grafting of Persian elements on the Brijbhash a, a dialect of western Hindi. This theory is difficult to accept because the author has offered too simple an explanation for the Urdu. Brijbhasha, though linguistically allied to the dialect spoken in the neighbourhood of Delhi, is quite different in construction and morphology.The second theory has been advocated by Mahmud Sherwani who holds that the Urdu language was born as a result of the first contact between the Muslims and the Hindus after the conquest of Punjab and Sindh by Mahmud Ghaznavi.

He says that during the period of over 170 years when Ghaznavi rulers were in occupation of Punjab, a number of Persian, Turkish and Afghans came there and settled down in Punjab.As a result of this close contact bet­ween the Punjabi speaking people and the Persian speaking people, the two languages got mingled up and resulted in the evolution of a new language. In short, Prof Sherwani holds that Urdu grew out of contact between Punjabi and Sindhi on the one hand and Persian on the other hand.He discusses the structure and mor­phology of the Urdu language and shows a grammatical affinity between Punjabi language and the new language.

v” (history discussion)Im going to share some interesting facts with you today about the Urdu langauge that you have probably never heard before. Urdu is spoken in places with muslim communities or cities that were once muslim empires. You say all of these words the same way you say them in English. Science, glass,corrupt, mind, court, jail, file, copy, photo, library, car, bus, railway, and airport.  I am going to share with you some Urdu jokes. ” A little boy says to his father: ” Dad! You look like you are getting taller.” Dad: ” How do you know this?” Boy: “Your scalp is coming out of your hair.

” I am going to share with you. “Only change is permanent.” by a famous Urdu poet Allama Iqbal.(1877-1938) “urdu is an Indo-Aryan language with about 104 million speakers, including those who speak it as a second language. It is the national language of Pakistan and is closely related to and mutually intelligible with Hindi, though a lot of Urdu vocabulary comes from Persian and Arabic, while Hindi contains more vocabulary from Sanskrit. Linguists consider Standard Urdu and Standard Hindi to be different formal registers both derived from the Khari Boli dialect, which is also known as Hindustani. At an informal spoken level there are few significant differences between Urdu and Hindi and they could be considered varieties a single language.  There are a lot of people that speak the Urdu language including a lot of American people.

” (omniglot) In conclusion there is a lot you need to know about the Urdu language,  Urdu is a unique language with historical roots mainly in Asia. And that the Urdu history is very rich. Urdu is a very unique and intresting language and I think tha it does not get enough credit or is talked about eenough in schools or other places of learning.