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There are many intelligent animals in this world, and a chimpanzee is one of them.  Chimpanzees, also called chimps, are intelligent in many ways.  Some signs of intelligence are memory and communication.  Chimps are very similar to humans.  According to John N. Wilford, from The New York Times, “They bear a family resemblance that fascinates people and scientists see increasing evidence of similarities in chimp behavior and skills.” Chimps have an amazing memory. They can even have a better memory than humans at  times. One sign of a chimp’s good memory is the number memory game. This game works by having a touchscreen, with numbers on the screen, a timer and a chimp. There are numbers scattered on the screen from one to nine. The chimp looks for about three seconds, then the numbers on the screen turn around, and then a white box comes up on the screen for each number. The chimp has to press the boxes that they think are in order from one to nine. They have to remember where the numbers were. The chimp completes it in 2 seconds. The test was repeated several times and the chimp hardly ever got it wrong. When a human tried this test, he/she would probably get one to two numbers right. Chimps also show signs of a good memory when they know where they are and remember what happened the last time that they were there. Something bad might have happened in a certain area so they will remember what happened there and not go back. This is also a sign of self awareness. Chimpanzees are very advanced at communicating when compared to other animals. They can speak verbally and non verbally. They show a wide variety of emotions like joy, sadness, anger and fear. They communicate verbally by having a large amount of different noises that mean different things. Did you know chimps use over 30 vocalizations in different situations? Some examples are a soft bark to show annoyance, a laugh or a lip smack to show enjoyment, and a “wraa” to show fear. Chimps can also recognize another chimps voice. Each chimp makes a unique “pant hoot” that is used to recognize the individual. Chimps also are very advanced in using non verbal language. They use many gestures and facial expressions to communicate to one another. Chimps use non verbal communication practically the same as humans. Humans hold hands or kiss to show a sign of love, and chimps do the exact same. They hold hands with one another and sometimes groom each other. Chimps like to point at things if they want it or don’t want it. Chimps at a zoo might point at some food you have in your hand because they want to eat it or they might point to a lock on a window because they want it unlocked.In conclusion, chimpanzees are extremely intelligent animals. They can remember things that we can’t, communicate like no other animal, and much more. Chimps are amazing animals and are awesome to learn about.