There have been an acre of uncontrollable violence

There have been an acre of uncontrollable violence happening everywhere in the United States. People have the right to have an opinion, many people show it in the wrong ways. Anti-abortion violence has been occurring for a while now. Incidents of anti-abortion violence has included vandalism and destruction of property; crimes against people including kidnapping, stalking, assault, attempted murder, arson and bombings. While anti-abortion should not be legal, they should make laws against anti- abortion violence because many people have been assaulting anti abortion providers, it affects the lives of innocent citizens. People who commit anti-abortion violence try to get their point across in a hastily way. Although it affects the lives of innocent people, there is a lot of killing happening because of it, and they should make laws against anti-abortion violence.     Anti-abortion violence has been affecting the lives of many innocent people. Anti-abortion extremists commit these crimes because they feel like people are not going to hear them through words. They feel that they have to do these things to get their opinion across in a violent way. Many abortion providers routinely are threatened with death threats and people are being killed. The killing is believe to be the first nations ongoing struggle over abortion. According to William Booth a washington staff writer a doctor was shot to death outside his abortion clinic here when a man who prayed for the physicians say stepped forward from a group of anti-abortion protesters and open fire, says the police and witnesses. Many people have been receiving death threats for several years. An offer doing this shooting told the protesters to do not kill any more babies. After the shooting at the clinic many of the protesters thought it was just a wonderful moment.     Anthrax threats and acid attacks have been going on that noone have known about. According to Kimberly Hutcherson the federal and state legislators passed designed to protect abortion patients and providers. The type of violence that has been going on has really upped the need for security. This has made the abortion clinic workers more afraid and stressed. Workers have resigned because they are being targeted or the fear of being victimized. Anti-abortion violence mainly occurs because the anti-abortion extremists want people to hear their opinion. The people who disagree with abortions should not be committing these crimes. They are putting many people in danger and they do not care about it at all. For many years anti-abortion extremists have been targeting planned parenthood. Planned parenthood keeps very strong security measures. As stated in New York Times article deadly attacks on abortion providers have gotten worse. The fatal shooting of three people at planned parenthood clinic. Over 11 people have been killed in attacks on abortion clinics. “Some anti-abortion extremists believe the use of contraceptive methods, Ella, and Intrauterine Devices, are the same as receiving an abortion, potentially making locations selling these products targets.” (    Making laws to get rid of anti-abortion violence is very important to save lots of lives around the world. Anti-abortion extremists predominantly adhere to a blend of single-issue and anti-government and are mobilized by evaluated media attention and perceived controversies. Many extremists are individuals or group who believe abortion is unethical and that voice is justified. Many anti-abortion extremists advocate murder, death, threats, and other criminal activity. Some anti-extremists believe the use of contraceptive. Anti-abortion extremists  which has resulted in escalating levels of violence against women’s health care providers. In an attempt to stop abortion, anti-abortion extremists have chosen to take the law into their own hands.     Anti-abortion violence in America the stealth terrorism. Many people in the united states oppose abortion, on various grounds, but only a minority is willing to commit extreme and violent acts to end the practice. The most extreme tactics used by anti-abortion activists- including arsons and fire bombings, bombings, and shooting sprees. There were four arsons and 67 acts of vandalism at abortion clinics. After the anti-abortion violence spiked the planned parenthood 2015 saw there people killed.. Anti-abortion extremists have not been afraid to carry out these threats. One person setting fire to an abortion clinic will not do anything.     Abortion and health care providers are slao the targets of repeated attacks. The buildings are not the only targets of such attacks. Usually the doctors and health care providers are also targets repeatedly. Dr. George Tiller, who achieved notoriety in anti-abortion circles for his role as a director of a clinic. He was also shot twice by anti-abortion extremists once in 1993 and then in 2009. Violence against clinics have been going on for a while. Most clinics experience many attacks. In 2015, U.S. abortion providers were targeted in three murders, nine attempted murders, and 94 reports of death threats. The numbers briefly leveled up in 2016. Anti-abortion terrorism peaked in the mid 90’s as a wave of shooting murders and bombings took the lives of doctors, medical receptionists, clinic escorts, and off-duty officers. The anti-abortion violence and harassment was already bad. Attacks on abortion clinics and abortion providers have led to toll deaths since 1993. Abortion providers live in the state of heightened fear and anxiety because they were targeted and harassment that followed them everywhere. Low-income patients facing extreme financial barriers to abortion.     The United States has had lots of anti- abortion violence. There was an epidemic of violence directed against abortion clinics. Sex education, personal responsibility, and more widespread and effective contraceptive use would all reduce the need for abortion. Lost time waiting for repairs and rescheduling of patients to other facilities are not included in this figure. Also violence of this nature does nothing to end the debate over abortion. It also does not reduce the number of abortions. There has been the study of surveys the frequency of attacks per states based on three different denominators. The National Abortion Federation, a pro-abortion rights group which has been compiling statistics on violence and harassment of abortion providers.  National abortion federation reported the following violent acts against clinics. There had been the longest sentence of 30 years and that has been causing some financial issues. An anti-abortion activists who founded the center for medical progress, has condemned the report. National Abortion Federation says that threats and violence in 2015 to release of heavily edited, security recorded footage of planned parenthood abortion providers. There was also a dramatic spike in threats against abortion providers after the planned parenthood decided to post some videos. Many of the abortion clinics have had lots of damages and could not afford for the damages. They had to get their clinic rebuilt but they did not have the money for it. The epidemic appears partially attributable to multiple point source outbreaks of violence caused by small numbers of individuals or groups. Thirty three people have been convicted the date. Vigorous prosecution of perpetrators and the reemergence of clinics after damage probably helped to curb the epidemic. This is some of the violence that has been occuring in the United States, 222 clinic invasions, 220 acts of clinic vandalism, 216 bomb threats, 65 death threats, 46 assault and batteries, 20 burglaries, and 2 kidnappings. Vigorous investigation and convictions have slowed the epidemic. The percentage of the sites were clinics that provide abortion services are 98 percent.     `    Violent anti-choice rhetoric must end, or anti-abortion violence never will. Anti-abortion activists are not making wanted posters or revealing doctors address for fun. They’re doing it to harass and intimidate, and they’re doing it knowing the long history of violent fanatics using their rhetoric to justify crimes against abortion providers and abortion clinics. According to an anonymous police source, after Friday’s attack on the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood, the alleged perpetrator made a comment in its wake about “no more babies”. He specifically targeted the clinics. These attacks in Colorado which left three people dead and nine people wounded, that was very shocking for most people. This was also a predictable result of the culture that dominates abortions. People have also been calling clinics and making really bad threats to murder all their doctors or to wipe out all of their staff. Some may say that they must demand the violent radical language and lies about abortion stop. Many of the people say that they want them to pretending that pro-life does not have an effect. People who disagree about the morality of abortion, but the doctors who provide them are not bad people. While they are ignoring all of the lies coming their way, language and culture of misogyny that contributes to this kind of violence. The women who go to Planned Parenthood, whether for a checkup or an abortion, are not callous beasts they’re people trying to do the best they can for their lives and families. Some people are already telling the truth, though. Vicki Cowart, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains released a statement that eyewitnesses confirm the attacker “was motivated by opposition to safe and legal and abortion”. While it is true that Planned Parenthood offers a variety of services, I think it is safe to say the attacker was not there because he was angry about pap smears. Many people demand that the abortion stop but even if they still decide to continue it, the violence may continue.     Although, anti-abortion extremists have thus far been unsuccessful in making abortion illegal, so they resort to violence and intimidation in an attempt to make abortion services unavailable. Almost one in four clinics throughout the country is targeted with the most severe forms of anti-abortion violence. The interference by extremists with the provision of reproductive health services has serious health consequences. This limits the amount of doctors and clinics offering abortions. The patients who attend the clinic they usually take a toll. There are also hospitals that are not factories or mines or assembly plants. They are mainly hospitals that are human ailments are treated. Normally the patients and relatives alike are under emotional strain and worry. Anti-abortion extremists have placed doctors names on the hit list and have made physicians who perform the abortions the subjects of the justifiable homicide petitions. The invasion nature of protests directed at individual residences picketers blocking driveways, shouting outside the doors, and windows, and harassing abortion providers and their children. Pro-choice advocates, attorneys, clinics and lawmakers have employed multiple strategies for countering anti-abortion violence both nationally and locally. Abortion rights supporters have mobilized thousands of individuals to protect clinic and clinic workers and worked to improve how law enforcement responds to acts of violence and intimidation. Based on the effect on many patients, courts have been willing to create protected zones around clinics, finding that the first amendment does not demand patients at the medical facility undertake the efforts to escape the cacophony of political protests. A Florida clinic doctor testified that as a result of passing a gauntlet of protests and harassment to enter the clinic, patients manifested a higher level of anxiety and hypertension causing those patients to need more sedation undergo the surgical procedures.    There has been a look at fatal attacks in anti-abortion violence in the United States. At least 11 people have been killed in the US since 1993, according to the NAF. Here are some of the incidents that has happened, Dr, David Gunn was shot to death outside an abortion clinic in Pensacola, Florida. He was becoming the first U.S doctor killed during the anti-abortion demonstration. The killer to his incident sentenced life in prison. Dr, John Britton are a slain outside a abortion clinic in Pensacola. A bomb explodes in Birmingham outside the abortion clinic. John Salvi opens fire with a rifle inside two Boston area abortion clinics, killing two receptionists and wounding five other. Sentenced life without parole he kills himself in 1996.  A gunman kills a police officer and two people accompanying friends to a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. Nine others are wounded, Robert Lewis who was acknowledge being the  shooter, tells investigators he drew inspiration from Hill. Abortion providers live in a state of heightened fear and anxiety because targeted harassment follows them everywhere. In the book Living in the Crosshairs: The Untold stories of anti-abortion terrorism. In addition to dealing with anti-abortion proponents picketing at their houses and giving out personal information to their neighbors, providers also face the prospect of activists targeting their children and extended families. Anti-choice activists have showed up to picket providers children’s schools and mailed letters to providers families members. Some of them have also gone to accost providers parents in their nursing home. Providers often feel under seige and live in a state in of heightened fear and anxiety because targeted harassment follows them everywhere. Incidents that one person might interrupt as a relatively harmless prank like red paint on the front of the abortion providers house. Low-income patients facing extreme financial barriers to abortion may also face heightened harassment when visiting clinics. The lack of income creates many barriers to abortion access. There are many reasons why because low income patients may have to schedule their abortions for saturday mornings often to peak hours for protesters and may be subjected to the worst harassment from clinic protesters. In addition to financial barriers closure for clinics may force patients to travel many miles to access a clinic. clinic violence and provider harassment increased to an all time high. There has been four times as many online threats and death wishes directed at abortion providers compared with the same period in 2016. The NAF shows that anti-choice protesters and targeted harassment of abortion clinics and there was also an increase in a wide range of intimidation tactics meant to disrupt the provision of health care at facilities, including vandalism, picketing, obstruction, invasion, trespassing, burglary, stalking, and assault and battery, and bomb threats. Although people commit anti-abortion violence it affects the lives of innocent people and there is no control over it.