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There have been many great leaders in our history, one is julius caesar who was born a leader and died a leader. From his rising triumphs, which he had a lot of, to his tragic failures. Reason for his failures were that he was to ambitious. Another reason for his failures was because his so called best friend brutus betrayed him. Then there was antony a true friend and true patriot, although he couldn’t save caesar he tried hard to get justice for him. Using rhetorical and persuasive devices, both men antony and brutus made strong arguments. Only one of them was better and stronger than the other. Even though brutus used a lot of rhetorical devices to make his points, antony used less devices and made his points strong and clear and he didn’t push the audience like brutus did. Antony’s speech was more effective than brutus and that’s why his was better. Brutus and antony had many similarities in their speeches. One big similarity is, antony and brutus both focused on their friendship with caesar. Not even getting all the way into the speech, brutus mentioned his relationship with caesar. In brutus speech, he states “not that loved caesar less, but that i loved rome more” (JC 3.3. 14). This indicates that even though he loved caesar he simply loved his country more, he was trying to appear as a true patriot. Brutus was trying to give the people of rome a good reason for him killing his dear friend caesar. Then there was antony a true friend and a true patriot who couldn’t even honor his friend caesar how he wanted to. In antony’s speech, he says “he was my friend, faithful and just to me” (JC 3.2. 13). It was his reasons he was not involved with what happened to caesar, and how wrong it was of the conspirators. Both antony and brutus had a close relationship, but only one of them was truly loyal to caesar and that was antony. Both brutus and antony had many differences, and each made good points. Brutus was convincing the audience that killing Caesar was a good thing. That him and the rest of the conspirators did time and its people a favor by getting rid of him. Brutus says “had you rather Caesar were living and die all slaves, than that Caesar were dead, to live all free men” (JC 3.2. 13-15). He was trying to make Caesar being gone to look like a good thing. Antony was trying to convince the people to rally against the conspirators. Showing and explaining to the people how wrong the conspirators are for what they did. Antony states “you all did see that on the Lupercal i thrice presented him a kingly crown, which he did thrice refuse; was this ambition? Yet Brutus says he was ambitious” (JC 3.2. 23-29). Antony said this so that they would see that Caesar being murdered was a tetrous thing. Also that the conspirators should be punished for their horrible deed. Antony wanted justice for Caesar for what happened to him. Brutus just wanted to make it seem like he did Rome a favor. He didn’t want to be looked at as the bad guy, but he wanted to be looked at as the hero. Some may feel like brutus speech was better, because he used many techniques of persuasive language. In reality antony’s speech was better and stronger. He used less techniques, but at the same time got his point across. So that he wouldn’t have to keep repeating the same things like brutus did. Antony indicates ” hath told you caesar was ambitious” (JC 3.2. 6). He used loaded words, words with meaning behind them so he didn’t really have to repeat things to get his point across to the people of rome. Another thing that makes antony’s speech stronger and better than brutus, is that he uses anecdotes to give more detail to back up what he’s saying. Antony says ” he hath brought many captives home to rome whose ransoms did the general coffers fill: when that the poor have cried, caesar hath wept” (JC 3.2. 16-19). Antony was explaining how caesar was a good person, and everything brutus was saying about him was not true. For example brutus kept repeating how caesar was ambitious. Brutus indicates ” i rejoice at it ; as he was valiant, i honour him: but, as he was ambitious, i slew him” (JC 3.2. 15-17). Brutus was saying that he murdered caesar because he was ambitious. While Antony’s speech was the strongest, some feel Brutus speech was better. The opposite side says, one thing Brutus did do well was used repetition words which had meaning to them. Although repeating words can really jumble up things in someone’s mind, and make his speech unattractive. It may make the audience feel dumb and unintelligent. It also could start to irritate the audience. For example Brutus kept reminding the audience of caesar’s ambition. Brutus probably felt like he was creating a strong argument, but he was doing the exact opposite. When you repeat yourself constantly it starts to aggravate people in daily life, and makes them feel less intelligent. It is important to use different techniques. That is exactly what Anthony did. Antony didn’t use any of the techniques more than twice, creating a stronger and better speech.          Although there were many similarities and differences, Antony used the techniques better which made his speech the most effective. Antony’s speech indicated that what happens to Caesar was wrong. Brutus stated that caesars death was necessary. They both had different views on what happened to Caesar. They both had great speeches no doubt about it. This just goes to show that people can make a difference with just their words.