There is no impartial custom essay rating

As new student or customer to custom essay writing, I advise you not to be duped by what most custom essay reviews tell you. There is a misconception that most custom essay reviews are impartial. Research, however, proves otherwise. The internet allows us to find out who owns a website and where that website is hosted. More than 75 percent of custom essay reviews are owned by business persons who own custom essay writing companies. The rest, 25 percent, are in one way or another affiliated with one or more custom essay writing companies. What this points out is that custom essay service ratings are not to be trusted.

To prove that these custom essay ratings are not to be trusted, I dare you to find out who owns major custom essay writing companies and who owns these reviews sites. You will be surprised to find out that the two forms of businesses are owned by similar persons. As you would expect, custom essay writing companies owned by owners or review sites are rated top while others, which are mainly major business rivals, are rated as scams. There is a lot of information, including links to the websites that are claimed to be genuine while only names of the so called scams may be provided.

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Genuine essay writing companies cannot be distinguished from scams by relying of custom essay review sites. Here’s my advice: if you have landed a custom essay company but are not sure about its reliability, the best decision to make is to place a short dummy order. The dummy order will tell you a lot about your essay writing company and its writers. If you like what you get, you can always ask the same writer to work on you custom essay. If you don’t like what you get, you can have some other writer from the same essay writing company, or another company, work on your custom essay.