There light of another, much less pleasant star

There are two types of people: some perceive failures as something natural, and others wither away, move back to their mother and think what tablets to swallow to quickly go to Valhalla. Even the best of us face such an affliction, so do not be ashamed and afraid of it. Of course, some manage to avoid such a scourge, but the majority, as a rule, is not lucky. Well, if you’re not lucky – it’s okay, no one laughs and pokes a finger. And if there will be – karma will return to him zhopnym AIDS and punish, because you can not laugh at someone else’s grief. And you need to collect your thoughts, in an emergency order to come to your senses and get out. Allow yourself to be vulnerable None of the people in this world have life dotted with flowers alone and not illuminated only by the sun. Sometimes they are replaced by wild cacti, and it illuminates the light of another, much less pleasant star – someone like Alexander Panayotov. The fact is that difficulties are absolutely normal and natural thing. As Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin said: “Everything will never be good.” With this you need to accept and allow yourself to be vulnerable. This is not a typo, in fact humility only pushes you from the problem, while struggle and despair do not solve the problem at all. People are very afraid to show themselves vulnerable, to open up to the world that depressing fact that they have problems. And so they sink alone, devoid of any hope of their salvation. Well, what can I say – it’s very stupid, it was much wiser to admit to your situation and ask for help f ????? ???? ? ????????? rom people around you. And you will immediately feel support, you will understand that you are not alone. Many have gone through the same shit as you, they have something to say. And most importantly – do not consider people as such creatures, there are a lot of people in the world who will answer you with sympathy and sincere help. At such times you are winged and you want to move forward. The final goal is needed It is impossible to progress if you do not know where you are going. Stephen Covey in his “Seven Skills of Highly Effective People” says just that without knowing your Guiding Star, you will get lost in the darkness. Covey himself just ran into this, for a long time in deep prostration. Do you know this feeling? When there is no understanding and ideas about what to do in this life? The way out, as always, is simple – to expand the horizon. And it’s not just about the books, they go in the last place. Here the method that contemptuously is called “grasping for any work” is best. The more you have experience, the more different professions and spheres you have honored with your participation, the easier it will be for you to choose your own way. And if from the “trial and error method” preserves the absence of time, a lot of work, an institution or work, then talk to older, more experienced comrades. All their words need to be filtered and divided by 10, because subjective opinion has never been universal. But after such filtering, the truth remains, adhered to efficiency. Still, life experience (albeit a stranger) is the best teacher.