There of are wood, rust, fabric, strings, and

There are many different ways that art can be done.  When we went to the Art Museum we learned about different kinds of principles of art and elements of art  such as shape, color, texture, pattern, and rhythm.  They all have there own different ways of telling a story.

Art also can tell a story.  There are even more then what I will be talking about. Shapes are a sphere which is round and is a circle.   A cube which is a box shape or a square.

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 One piece of art at the museum is called Allure by Jerald Leans in the painting it has the same shape on it called a clyder and the clyders are light blue and they are placed all over.  A clyder is also known as an ovall.  When you look at the photo it is very different due to the light blue clyders, but it still looks great.  Color, which is the main thing you need to have a piece of art.  Color is very important,  because art could not be done without color.

 Some colors are red, blue, black, yellow, pink, and green and all these colors stand for something such a red, which means being mad or to be angry.  A piece of art at the museum is called #23 by Morris Louis. In the painting it has multiple colors and the colors are in line patterns.  The painting has red, yellow, brown, blue, and more in the painting.Then texture is how something feels and looks.

 Texture can be in a pattern and looks realistic.  The example of texture at the art museum they call it Untitled #25 by Leonardo Drew.  The art is a wall that was made out of all different kinds of items with texture.  The items it was made out of are wood, rust, fabric, strings, and feathers.  This piece of art has a lot of texture and looks so amazing and is realistic.Pattern is a rhythm that repeats itself and is very organized and unique.

 Pattern can have texture and is normally the same color, but it can be different.  The pattern can be triangles, circles, and lines and more.  The piece of art that is an example of pattern is Romeo’s Blues 2 by Jerald Leans who is an American artist and made the piece of art called Allure which is talked about in shapes.  In this piece of art there are dark blue cylinders all over it, and has a light blue color for the background, and  looks very organized and well put together.Rhythm runs smoothly and is like a pattern because it repeats itself.

 Rhythm is very smooth and nicely put together to make it look like a rhythm in a song.  The example of rhythm is Madinat as-Salam lll by Frank Stella who is an American artist.  In the painting it has multiple vibrant colors and the colors and shape repeats itself to make it have rhythm.  Rhythm is used in all different pieces.All these pieces of art have there own unique way of expressing something and telling a story by its principles of art and elements of art.  Shapes, color, texture, pattern, and rhythm all have their own unique ways to show and express something. If there wasn’t art, the world would not be the way it is right now.

 Art is beautiful and can mean so many different things to each individual.  The Art Museum is a great experience and there is so much to learn there.