There rest of comments. Regarding the evaluators of

There should be a complete performance management systemexplaining the objectives of performance evaluation, mission, vision,objectives guidelines for performance evaluation and templates for allemployees evaluation; from the medical director to technicians.

 – This tool should match the employee job description. – Tool should have well defined performance criteria andstandards (Performance Indicator).   In your proposed performance evaluation, you mentionnon-measurable criteria. (1- EX:- Workload management :- How can a head ofdepartment measure this criteria???. It is a very broad topic) (2- EX:- Sense of responsibility???? again it’snon-measurable criteria) (3- EX:- Emotional stability” does not allowpersonal problems interfere with workload – non-measurable criteria).  Meaning of non-measurable criteria, if you give this toolto two different person, you could see the difference in their evaluation andthe will have a big discussion on how do you measure and know this criteria.Because it is non-measurable.  It is not about having meeting or not.

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Please read what ishare at the beginning. and focus on the complete performance management system(Guidelines) and on the rest of comments.  Regarding the evaluators of each department/position. Theevaluation must be done by the direct line manager and the final will be fromthe medical director/center manager. You may get back to the organization chartof QRCS. It’s well known, the organization chart is the reference.

 How do you include someone from outside the department,(who doesn’t know what are the staff of the concerned department working? or heis not aware of their nature of work) to evaluate them. and you didn’t explainon how will you calculate the final evaluation? Is it by taking the mean(average) or what??? This year we may develop a performance evaluation tool,we still on January 18.  I will discuss this issue with the respected CMO – Dr.Hasan Kasem.   Regards,