There students graduating every year, is what defines

There would be a force whichdrives and defines everyone in life. A force which shows the path that one hasto choose. This fire and zeal within me to be recognized as a notable engineerin a country with around 2 million students graduating every year, is whatdefines me and has always inspired me to achieve something great in the fieldof Engineering.Throughout my college career, Ihave always regarded with wonder the scope of Chemical Engineering especiallywith specialisation in Catalysis Technology which was akin to a mighty oak treewhose roots extend into each and every segment of large industries. I havealways dreamt of increasing the productivity of an industry by optimising thecatalyst and reaction conditions. My goal is to design and simulate optimizedprocesses relating various fields of chemical engineering thereby enhancingsustainability and increasing profit margins.

I believe that only with a cogentand complete comprehension of this field can I truly create a change, whichforms the basis of my decision to pursue my PhD.Strongly supporting the words ofthe Prime Minister of my country “In order to succeed, your desire for successshould be greater than the fear of failure”, I believe that my dedicationand commitment will give me the strength to face any obstacles and succeed withflying colors. My academic pursuits, throughout my master’s course, reflect mypassion for attaining knowledge and my tendency to strive towards excellence inChemical Engineering, I strongly believe that the same qualities would reflectin me during my PhD.

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Established in 1991, the HongKong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is an international researchuniversity dedicated to top-notch education and research. Founded on itsmission to advance learning and knowledge through teaching and researchparticularly in science and technology, in 2017, HKUST was ranked 30th among1000 universities and no.2 in the world’s top 50 Universities Under 50 by QS. Itis ranked No.

2 in Greater China.Hailed widely as a ‘miracle’, thestunning achievements of HKUST do not come about miraculously. They boil downto the University’s positioning as a focused elite research university; itsstrong ties to global institutions and wide-ranging connections with MainlandChina; the championing of interdisciplinary studies; its dedication toeducating well-rounded students who flourish in today’s world, strong inentrepreneurial spirits and innovative in thinking; its mission to be a globalpremier knowledge hub, crystallized in the Institute of Advanced Study; and,last but not least, a spectacular setting by the sea that makes the Universityan attractive location for the pursuit of intellectual and academic excellence.I sincerely look forward for SummerCamp for Elite Students at School of Engineering, the Hong Kong University ofScience and Technology so that I can visit the labs and interact with professorsat your esteemed university and find a PhD position over there to continue myhigher studies.