There which “analyze why society is organized the

There are four sociological theories: Functionalism, Symbolic Interaction Theory, Feminist Theory, Conflict Theory. All of which “analyze why society is organized the way  it is and why we behave as we do” (Benokraitis). Describing the Sociological Theories:Functionalism shows that shared standards and advantages make ethnic agreements and rationality. Also, it’s almost as if everything is necessary for everything else to function. Conflict retains many typical and various ethnic backgrounds which will assist some members of the community a little further than the others. Additionally, there is always someone being used in this theory.

Feminist: “examine women’s social, economic, and political inequality” (Benokraitis). In addition women either get the worst or the best of the deals. Symbolic Interactionist: research how culture affects and impacts us on a daily basis.Comparing the TheoriesThe functionalist theory shapes people into who they are and their behaviors while keeping society stable, however, the conflict theory maintains the groups in a society that are contrasted and are complexed with one another; also, in the symbolic interactionist theory, is based on the purpose of the individual realization of reality, the social society are what matter.(Enotes). The Feminist theories “agree with conflict theories that culture creates considerably inequality”(Benokraitis). There are many weaknesses and strengths within each theory: Feminist, Symbolic Interactionist, Functionalist, and Conflict theory.

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The strengths the Feminist theory faces is that it allows for us to evaluate our understanding of cultural systems. Weaknesses that are being faced by this theory is the inequality that is constantly increasing because of race, ethnicity, and social class. Strengths of the Symbolic Interactionist theory is how society has become much more involved in technology that is always being introduced. The weakness that this theory faces is that bringing symbols into being will definitely adjust as time goes by, so not everyone will be able to communicate in the same ways at all times. Strengths of the Functionalist theory is that mostly all communities will obtain the same plans for gathering within societies needs. A weakness that follows this theory is the way people can just blame each other and will just accuse one another of issues that are being faced by the entire society. A Strengths of the Conflict theory are statements that position their opinions and claim how it is the rich that should have the power of all things most can’t afford.

A weakness the conflict theory has which I believe is that it increase hostility between the relationship of two people. FunctionalismSocial Media has made children much more knowledgeable and has helped them attain information in a very quick and easy way. Kids don’t normally turn on the T.V to watch the news or read a newspaper article over issues being faced throughout the world.

So social media has changed children/ adolescents and made them well informed and up to date with current events in society. Phones are another prime example because without electronic devices where would social media come into play. By allowing children to get their hands on their electronic device allows for them to physically learn and gain whatever knowledge for their own good.

Although phones aren’t a necessity for our society they have impacted and changed children greatly. Kids spend less time nowadays because they’re being entertained by their devices but without these electronic devices, it wouldn’t be as easy for students or teachers to completely teach/ comprehend an objective. Teachers have also taken advantage of technology because it helps the students, it is a way kids can physically learn, it is easier for them to learn information when they’re able to have hands-on interactions.ConflictSocial Media is actually beginning to take over the world, children/ adolescents are only social media more and more each day. Kids grades in school might not be as they used to be because it has become a distraction, instead of doing their work, they stay on their phones as if they’re addicted. This might also be another reason why kids don’t sleep as well as they used to, technology gets more advanced each and every day.

This form of entertainment is beating children up, it’s controlling their lives, instead of going out with the family of friends they trap themselves in their rooms and spend time attached to their phone screens. Nowadays it is something that is part children’s lives because if your child participates in after school activities they’re going to need to communicate with their parent to let them know in advance that they will be staying, what time they will stay, or if they need to be picked up. Even though companies are gaining money for all the new phones coming out and adolescents begging their parents for the latest phones. Companies are only gaining money while the parents are letting while the parents are letting their children control them. Social Media has caused children to believe it is okay not to listen to their parents and to treat them like their nothing. They see this type of mannerism when on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat. When they look at appropriate thing like that, they think it’s funny, so they begin to imitate them and that’s where all the problems begin, rude behaviors and just the lack of attention they’re giving to their parents/ guardians. Feminist In the perspective of Feminist Theory social media could be witnessed as destroying society’s perspective on children/ adolescents.

The imbalance of injustice sought upon teenagers has driven away from the standards of adolescence. For instance, it is expected for boys to only post shirtless pictures if their body is fit, however, society now expects for boys to the only post, shirtless pictures if the the body is up to the standard of society. Another injustice placed on teenagers is the constant judgment/obsession placed on Females for posting pictures exposing skin. Nonetheless, if a male were to post a picture of himself shirtless: it would be socially acceptable. On the other hand if a female were to display a picture of herself in a revealing outfit or in a bikini of some sort society would be less acceptable. This could be seen evident when a teaching assistant was fired after her student’s parents found her modeling underwear. Nevertheless a male advanced maths earlier, Pietro Boselli, a part-time model deemed the worlds sexiest teacher and kept his job.

This goes to show the out or between genders. Symbolic Interactionist”Sometimes called interactionism is a micro-level perspective that examines people’s everyday behavior through the communication of knowledge, ideas, beliefs, and attitudes. Symbolic interactionists focus on process and keep the person at the center of their analysis” (Benokraitis). Social Interaction is basically the entire overview of Social Media, from interacting with one to another while also taking everyone’s influences into consideration, like their behavior.

Symbols and shared meanings are what children nowadays have learned, in today’s society children view the icon of the applications on their electronic device and let it control their minds. For example, the Instagram icon shows a camera which allows everyone to believe that’s what they need to do: taking selfies, announcing their private lives to the world, or sending pictures to people they might not even know. Meaning they could be exposing their lives and putting them in an endangered situation in which could potentially risk their entire life.

My research paper was about Social Media and its effect on children/ adolescents it touched on the subject of how social interactions has allowed for children to gain more education, which assists the Functionalist theory. Social Media has also begun to take over children and society as a whole by small children using it on a daily basis, this does not assist the Conflict theory because Social Media is the cause of most of the problems. Likewise, the Feminist theory also claims that it is destroying society’s perspective, disagreeing with the examination of my topic.

The behavior of the adolescents on social media is taken into consideration along with their effects, this is agreeing with the Symbolic Interactionist theory.