Therefore, fails to make payment within the period

Therefore, various factors would have to be taken into account to see if using a GPS tracker would be a viable option in the long run. Moreover, the Law gives power to the court to move the abuser out of his house while extending relief to the victim, also seems a bit unrealistic. For instance, what if the ownership of the house in which the abuser and the victim are residing lies with the former? In such an instance, how feasible would it be to enforce the order of the court to evict the abuser? Therefore, as in this case, various considerations would have to be balanced before passing an order under this section. Furthermore, Section 9 regarding the passage of a monetary order in favor of the aggrieved person states, ‘If the defendant fails to make payment within the period mentioned in the order, the Court shall direct the employer or debtor of the defendant, directly to pay the aggrieved person or to deposit with the Court a portion of the wages or debt due to or accrued to the credit of the defendant. Though this alternative might seem to be an efficient way of extracting money from the abuser, various complexities are likely to arise while implementing this section.

Nevertheless, the purpose of highlighting loopholes in the above-mentioned provisions of the PPWVA is not to give the impression that it is an unworthy piece of legislation. The Act contains various well-crafted and much-needed provisions as well, which reflect that it is a step in the right direction. For instance, Section 4 allows a person authorized by the oppressed person to submit a complaint on her behalf, which takes into account the fact that the oppressed  person may not be in a position to file a complaint herself. Moreover, this Act also imposes a seven-day time limit on the defendant to present a defense against the charges levied, which obligates the court to decide the complaint within ninety days from the date of its receipt, are of considerable significance. These two provisions can be seen as an attempt to provide swift justice to victims in a system where years of litigation on fairly simple family matters is not uncommon.

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