These like temperature control or changing the music.

 These are tips that you can remind your parents about so they drive distraction-free: The first one is Stay calm. Anxiety and stress can be a big distraction. Take deep breaths and keep your focus on the road. Next, we have to Pullover. If, for whatever reason, you can’t seem to keep your focus, find a safe place to pull over and take a break. Another one is Keep the peace. Driving is not the time for arguments, which can be distracting. Save the fight for when you are at home or you have parked the car somewhere safe.  You can also Use your passengers. When possible, put your passenger in charge oftasks like temperature control or changing the music.  You also need to Know your dials. This is very important when you are driving a new car, or a rental or borrowed car you are not used to driving. You need to get to know the car’s controls before you start driving the car. This will help decrease distractions in cases where you have to use the car’s controls.  Another tip is to Use your radio presets. Most car stereos allow you to preset stations so that you only have to press one button to hear what you want. You can Make adjustments before you start driving. These include Mirrors. Seat. Steering wheel. You have to Stay off your phone. Cell phone use, whether for texting or talking, is a huge distraction. Put your phone away, and do not let yourself use it until you are out of your car. There are even some smartphone apps that will help keep you from driving distracted. You have to Be rested and satisfied. If you are going for a long trip, make sure you have had plenty of rest, food, and drink. Remember you have to factor meal times into your schedule so that you don’t feel pressured into eating while driving to make it to your destination on time.  The last thing you can remind your parents about is that you should Set up your GPS before you start driving. When you are driving on the road it is already hard enough.  So you should get everything set up so then you and your parents don’t have to deal with the stress of doing this on the road.