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This essay is about United State Immigration, It is about immigrants coming to America and why they came in each Wave. In this case, the essay is about explaining and describing the four major waves of US immigration.  The goal is to do so in order to explain the role immigration plays in the American story.  Around the year 1000, a small number of Vikings would arrive. Five hundred years later, the great European migration would begin.  Among the early British settlers were indentured servants willing to trade four to seven years of unpaid labor for a one-way ticket to the colonies and the promise of land. There were also convicts among the newcomers – up to 50,000 transported to the colonies from English jails.

The reason why they came to america is to find freedom and they wanted their religion like the others.  In 1790 There was averagely 6,000 people a year migrating, some which were the French refugees because of the revolt that happened in Haiti. Not only that, but people wanted freedom. Second wave of US immigration and who, where, and what affected the immigrants once they came in America. Which took in 1820-1880.  The irish and Germans immigrants mostly came in America, about 3 million Germans came in and Irish 2.8 million.

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 The Chinese and African immigrants came in too, but there only 230,000 Chinese Immigrants and 50,00 Africans. The reason why Irish came in,  they had a problem about there food in Ireland because there food were molding. So they escaped and came to America in Eastern Port and New orleans. Germans came because they had a failure democratic. There was a lot of job opportunities for the Chinese and there was a Gold rush happening in San Francisco.

 The problem is that when the immigrants arrived in America, they were some people who thought that immigrants would steal there jobs and they had different races and ways to live. There was a group called Know-Nothings, they were a anti-immigrants group. They’re mostly against Immigrants who were Catholics. They elected 6 governors and 7 congressman. The anti-immigrant soon stopped. The other group is called the Yellow Perils. They were against Chinese immigrants because they were a different race, they had different foreign ways, and they said that the Chinese was a threat to America.

The states and laws discriminated the Chinese until 1943 where it stopped.The third wave started in 1880 to 1930. There was about 87% immigrants from Northwestern Europe, in 1900 there was about 80% immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe. Then the population increased from 63 million in 1890 to 106 million in 1920.

About 75% of third wave immigrants came through the Port of New York, the old state immigration center, Castle Garden, were overwhelmed. The reason why they came to America is, they wanted a new life in America, it had more freedom, and they had to leave their homes just to have a new life. But once they arrived, they had to go Ellis Island. They had to go to Elis island before they enter America, because they wanted to make sure if anybody is carrying diseases. They had to stay until they were clean and they had to expose their body to other people which is really hard for them but it’s for safety.  They had to check people’s eyes if they had infection and immigrants had to struggle through this.  some of them got turned down and left their families. The Fourth Wave started in 1965 and still continuing right now.

Most immigrants who came to America were Asians. The reason why they came to America is there was a war going on in Southeast Asia and Most immigrants end up in California. Most of them are asian mainland Philippines, Mexico, and Central America. Once the immigrants arrived in America, there was an act happening and it is called The Immigration and Naturalization Act began in 1965. It was about solving the problem about people talking about immigrant’s race.

It was signed by the President Lyndon Johnson and it helped a lot of immigrants by Legally immigration increased to 3.3 million in the 1960s, 4.5 million in the 1970s, 7.3 million in the 1980s, and 9 million in the 1990s. So it really affected  a lot of immigrants.

Then there were illegal immigrants and what caused it is because a lot of poor immigrants crossed the border of Mexico to America. They were unskilled, and took low paying jobs. Now there was another act that happened in 1986 and it was called Immigration Reform and Control Act. This basically helping immigrants not being deported in America and making them legal immigrants. They spend $10,000 for each immigrant, who is an employer to make them a legal immigrant in America, the outcome was they made 2 million immigrants legal, but they failed on other goals. Then After 2000,  They made a fence over the mexican border and spend millions of dollars so the immigrants can’t cross illegally. Then Obama and Bush, increased the deportation and crack down the ones who hired illegal immigrants.

Now there was an estimate of 11 million immigrants living in United States. Immigrants faced a lot of struggle because most of them crossed the Mexican border illegally and some of them had to be deported from U.S. So they faced a lot of stuff while in America.Throughout this unit, I’ve learned a lot of knowledge about Immigration in America. It was really interesting, but at the sametime it’s sad because immigrants a lot and they had to leave their homeland just to live another life and start over again.

Also they experienced people disrespecting their race and how they lived, but now more immigrants come to America and there are more coming in the future. My opinion on the Elis Island would be, it’s a smart idea but I just don’t like when other immigrants got turned down. I get why they did, but it’s just bad. Also I learned a lot of acts that happened during each wave, like for an example, the Immigration Reform and control act and it helped a lot immigrants not being illegal, but it