This planning process would benefit. Successful change has

This article focuses on the corporate strategies on the
projects. Article emphasises to have a top down approach but most of the
projects get initiated from the bottom up. Attempts are usually made to solve
the departmental issues rather than to target on overall business goals.
Without portfolio management and project management, a company can struggle in
good projects. In the fast-growing companies, they fail to focus on the core
strategies. Using wrong measures drive the wrong way. Customer support and
people involving in the planning process would benefit. Successful change has
to be planned and managed from the organizational level to take the whole
system into account. To overcome barriers managers must consider external
market conditions, competitions and technologies. When the project’s success is
doubtful, stakeholders should be brought in to collaborate and reduce risks. Different
minds can look into a problem and bring different ideas to come up with
practical solution. Regularly to be ensured that the program goes off without
any problems, otherwise the project must be downsized or eliminated.

The United Kingdom’s Press association
fulfilled the core mission of extending its reach to all the corners of the United
Kingdom by acquiring several news organizations. The process and operations were
expensive to share news to all the organizations and thus led profit margins to
slide down.

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Focused portfolio management
did not benefit them. Their projects were not a part of strategic plan because the
company did not follow a top down approach. Seniors executives should focus to gain
attention from the very beginning to align properly.

Yes, the program should
deliver incremental results to prove that they are on the track. Proof of concepts
should not be attempted to give in a single chunk which would not give results after
spending huge money

Yes, the networking can uncover potential problems and find rough estimates
on the budget and cost. While we bring many people to have