This story of a pastor who has a

This document contains
a critical analysis of the work El Alquimista by Paulo Coelho.

The Alchemist

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I really liked this
book, because it helps answer some of the most frequent questions that a person
asks, especially teenagers:

Who I am? What do I do
here? What is my goal in life?

It all comes down to
the story of a pastor who has a dream. it sounds with a treasure hidden in the
Pyramids of Egypt. He goes with a gypsy to help him interpret the dream. Then
he meets the King of Salem who is an old man who in my opinion is a very
important character. Because he is the one who helps Santiago, the pastor, to
solve many of his doubts by means of several phrases like: “When a person
really wants something, the whole universe conspires so that he can realize his

Other very important
characters, in my opinion, are the sheep, because, although they do not speak, Santiago
interprets many of his attitudes, as he learns to speak “The Language of
the World”, such as: “The sheep are not worried about the change of
the weather, the seasons, the new roads, what they care about is only water and
food”, which for me represents that sometimes people do not see beyond
their needs, when there are such impressive and important things around them.
Then the pastor goes on a long journey, goes through many cities that are very
different in culture and, especially, in the language, he has many adventures,
in the cities, in the desert, he finds his love, Fatima, whom he will later go
to look for, all this left him many lessons and in the end he reaches his goal,
“The treasure in the Pyramids of Egypt”.


I think the moral of
this work is a phrase that is very repeated in the book:


Well, it’s a phrase
that is very true, when you want something, and you fight for it, everything
goes in your favor, even if you feel that It is like that, even if you have to
make sacrifices, but everything is in your favor.

In my opinion, Paulo
Coelho, when he wrote this book, thought about expressing answers to the
questions described above, but you could not, because each person is very
different, what the author wanted to translate in the end is a guide to find
who you are, to help in the moments of difficult decisions, because he could
not give a fixed answer, instead raised, something like riddles, so that the
person who reads the work, can answer the questions, knowing what to look for
in response. Also, I think he wanted to leave in doubt some answers to
questions that just do not have them, and those questions are what make life a
great adventure.

In conclusion the work
is a guide for people who do not know why they are here, in the world, what
purpose they have, or simply a book that reveals a story that can be adapted to
the reality of many people, written as the impressive story of a shepherd.



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