This they are piercing through you. The necklaces

This photograph looks like a cultural/traditional image as you can see all the traditional necklaces on this child’s body. This looks like a photograph taken from India as it is a very religious place. This child is dressed up as a god named “Shiva”. I think that the photographer was trying to express how people in India dress up their children but is begging for alms as you can see the money in the right corner. Steve McCurry captured the essence of the child. The main focus to where my eye goes first is the child’s skin as it is turned blue with a powder. This photograph is a very clear and sharp image as you can see detail throughout the photograph. Then to child’s face as he looks in character he is playing, which is the serious face he is expressing and that his eyes look like they are piercing through you. The necklaces and bracelets over his body really catch your eye as you can see each bead with texture. I find that everything on this child’s body leads to his face, as the necklaces create lines to the face and how straight he is standing. The orange fabric he is wearing as shorts and the blue skin really coordinate well with as a colour combination. Framing done to this image is very well as the child is perfectly centered in the middle but in the background the fabric behind the child is not centered and that is one of the things that really bother the eye. The emphasis is mostly put on to the face as i said before it is very bright from the other parts of the photograph. The emotion I first get from this photograph is “whoa”, it is very interesting to look at and surprises the eye as well. But as your eye travels to the bottom right corner you can see money and it saddens me to see that a child got dressed up as god begging for alms. The tradition/culture shown in this photograph is incredible the makeup and accessories done to symbolize a god. The central element, the expression on the child’s face is well done. I am guessing that Steve McCurry’s intention was to show his viewers about a culture and be real about it. Blur has been done to the bottom of the image and made sure the viewer’s eye focuses mostly on the face expression. This photograph depends on perspective the way you see the image, if you see it as an intriguing photograph or just a random child dressed up as somebody looking like a “smurf”. It all matters on the way you perceive and reflect. For me this photograph is an intriguing one and the detail, emotion expressed from the child is really captivating.