Throughout protection anyone gets under the law. The

Throughout American history, there has been many unfair problems. To resolve these problems, amendments were made. An amendment is basically adding some changes in a document.

There are many amendments but there is a group of amendments called the Reconstruction Amendments. The Reconstruction Amendments are the 13th, 14th, and the 15th amendments. All of these amendments are important because they each had very important benefits. The 13th amendment is the amendment that abolished slavery.

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This is very important because African Americans could have their independence and African Americans didn’t have to suffer or get punished. The 14th amendment is the amendment that guarantees rights of citizenship, due process and equal protection under law. This is important because this amendment would give you equal rights, a fair trial in jury, and the equal amount of protection anyone gets under the law. The 15th amendment is the amendment that gives African Americans the right to vote and you cannot discriminate a person’s race while voting. This is important because the African Americans could now vote and in elections, the African Americans could tell what their opinion is and this could help the elections.

As you can see, the Reconstruction Amendments are very important and these amendments did great things in American history. The amendments that I think are the most important are the Reconstruction Amendments. The Reconstruction Amendments are made up of three amendments, 13th, 14th, and 15th. These three amendments made a very important benefit to this country. All of these amendments have something to do in giving more rights to the people of America.

The 13th amendment got rid of slavery completely, but there was slavery in prison. Slavery was served as a punishment for the prisoners. The 14th amendment gave everyone in America equal rights, and among these rights were, due process (fair trial), and equal protection under law. This amendment also allowed every state to have a representative. the 15th amendment is when an African man had the right to vote. The constitution states, that every man has the right to vote, no matter what their race, nationality, or religion is.

(Constitution,n.d.) When this amendment was created, something else was also created, and that was something called a literacy test. What this did is that the people had to answer questions and if you passed,k you could vote, but if you failed, you couldn’t vote. The complication of this was the most of the whites couldn’t pass this test.

So the authorities created something called the grandfather clause. What this did was that if your grandfather could vote, then you were allowed to vote. This was unfair for the African Americans because they didn’t know who their grandfather was, so they couldn’t vote. But later this was abolished and African Americans were allowed to vote. By the most part, the 14th amendment is the most principled amendment in the Resurrection amendments. These three amendments bring very good or important benefits in this country. The good benefit the 13th amendment brought was that it abolished slavery. This makes every African American that was a slave, a free man.

Just because the slaves were free, that doesn’t mean that they have all of their rights. This is where the 14th and 15th amendment come in. These rights guarantee more rights for the American citizens no matter how wealthy they are or their color. The 14th amendment guarantees a fair trial, equal protection under the law, and rights of citizenship. The 15th amendment brought many more rights for the African Americans. This amendment gave all of the African American men to vote. As you can see, this amendment only allowed men to vote, not women.

But this amendment let the African Americans to share their thoughts and to vote by their opinion. All of these amendments are kind of connected because they all had something to do to help the African Americans and give them more rights. These amendments has helped us to become a progressive nation. Today, every person living in this country has an equal amount of rights.

Every person that is 18 and older has the right to vote and it doesn’t matter about your ethnicity  There are many important African Americans who did great things in our country. Without these amendments, these knowledgeable African Americans wouldn’t have the opportunity to make a change in the world.As the Reconstruction Amendments brought positives things to this country, these amendments also prevented bad things from happening. These amendments prevented racial discrimination from happening and guaranteed rights for every American citizen.

The 15th amendment prevented discrimination against voting. So anyone could vote and it doesn’t matter about your ethnicity, race, or color. The 13th amendment prevented slavery from going any longer and this made every former slave a free man which gave them the opportunity to build their lives and make money by running a business. The 13th amendment also prevented African Americans being forced to leave their homes and to work on plantation. This prevented the African Americans getting barely any food and getting any paid.

After these amendments passed, African Americans received more respect from people. Amendments other people are doing in my class are mainly just the first or second amendment. The first amendment is like having the freedom of religion, press, speech, petition, and assembly this gives the Americans more freedom and rights. Back then, Freedom of religion was very common. People would make Freedom of religion in a land so people could go there.

In many countries, you had to have a certain religion to live their and people did not like this so they would go to places that had freedom of religion and this is why this freedom is very important in history. Freedom of the press was when you could publish anything you would like on the newspaper, but you cannot tell a lie about someone else. Freedom of speech is a commonly used freedom throughout history. This is where people could say whatever they want and doing this, many people has gained their independence. Freedom of petition is where you can ask other people to vote on something and this is very useful. Freedom of assembly is where you can assemble people to meet up. Now that you see what all of the freedoms of the first amendment do and how they are important, now let’s see how the Reconstruction Amendments are more important than the first amendment. the People have chosen the first amendment because these are the five major freedoms in America and they are very important.

There is a lot of information on the first amendment. Even though the first amendment consists more freedoms, the Reconstruction Amendments have done major effects to this country in history, and this gave African Americans in America an opportunity to do whatever they want in their life. The second amendments is that citizens could bear arms or weapons. This is also important for citizens safety. But in my opinion, I think that the are important, especially for the African Americans in America during the time of slavery.

This part of the constitution is very important because the three amendments in the Reconstruction Amendments have to do something in giving more rights to the people of America. The Reconstruction Amendments abolished slavery which is a big part in American History and another part of the Reconstruction Amendments is that it guarantees more rights to more rights to citizens, equal protection under the law, and a fair trial. The last part of these amendments is that African men could now vote and there was no racial discrimination while voting. The second amendment is not that important compared to the Reconstruction amendments. The first amendment did have a great affect on this country but in my opinion, I  believe that the Reconstruction Amendments are more important than the first amendment because the Reconstruction Amendments changed the lives of African Americans and gave them the equal amount of rights and our country wouldn’t be the same without the Reconstruction Amendments.In conclusion, amendments were made to resolve problems. An amendment is a change in a document and the amendment(s) that I chose are the Reconstruction Amendments.

This consists of the 13th, 14th, and the 15th amendment. They all did great things in history such as, abolishing slavery, guaranteeing rights of citizenship, a fair trial, equal protection under law, and allowing every man to vote in America. The 13th amendment prevented slavery from going any further and this gave all of the African Americans or the slaves an opportunity in life. The 14th amendment prevented from certain people getting better rights than others.

With the 14th amendment in place, every American citizen had the equal amount of rights and was guaranteed equal protection under the law. The 15th amendment prevented from only rich white people from voting. This amendment allowed ALL men to vote and there is no racial discrimination allowed while voting. Another amendment most of my class based their paper on was the first amendment. The first amendment consists of the five major freedoms and these are: freedom of religion, assembly, press, petition, and speech.

All of these freedoms give us more rights and allows us to express our thoughts and feelings about a certain topic. Even though the first amendment is very important in American history, I think that the Reconstruction Amendments are more important because these three amendments did major changes in American history such as, giving African Americans an opportunity in life by abolishing slavery, giving equal protection under law, a fair trial, rights of citizenship, and allowing all men in America to vote and it didn’t matter what your race, ethnicity, or color was. As you can see, the Reconstruction amendments did great things throughout American history.