Time that I reminisced through the shared aspects

Time is a paradoxical unit of measure forhumanity’s existence and a continued progression of an array of events thatoccur in an apparent irreversible manner throughout eternity. It is a definitereflection of endurances and realities experienced amid the life of man, atreasure that can never be gained or retrieved, but only pondered. It is what Ihave, with conviction, come to view as an aspect of life that brings aboutchange and truth, and with it lessons to value. A fact I have only come to feelits genuine truth amid a time of loss which inevitably  led to pain and suffering, hence making that verytime in the labyrinth unbearable. No words can fully come to describe the depthof my depravity and despair during what felt like a season of loss, having lostmy baby brother and aunt to the icy hands of death.

A time in my life that ledto a state of deterioration and endurance of feelings of numbness, sadness,pain, disbelief and senility, all of which left me relaxed and debilitated amidthe waves of pain which pulled me in as I got dragged out to sea by theundertow. It was amid this time that I reminisced through the shared aspects ofour lives, my baby brother, my aunt and myself, seeing life from a differentaltitude and feeling but a deep sense of connection and appreciation in all theshared aspects of it. On the contrary, I felt a lost sense of hope inthe aspired attempts to deepen the relationships once shared with these twoadoring individuals for there were promises left unfulfilled, things leftundone and words left unsaid, all of which would be forever lost.

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Thus lettinggo was hard and all I seemed to be left with were the memories of what was andthe thoughts of what could have been, infinitely lost in the pain and inflictedsuffering of these thoughts. However, as time passed, these dark times beganto lift and with it came some life revelations to be held close for a lifetime.It was through these adjoined experiences of loss that I learned that humanityis only as strong as it believes itself to be, thus strength amid a time ofadversity can be infinite. I learned that time is essential thus even amid theinterwoven web of human interactions there is nothing that can or could ever bedeemed inessential. It was also through these experiences and letting go that Ifound a sense of clarity and perspective and for the first time, the labyrinthfelt bearable. I cannot pretend that these experiences left mewithout the fear of loss of the ones held dear to my heart, but it did help meacknowledge the very beauty of life and its happenings, however unanticipated,amid this journey.

It taught me to be accepting of how things progress in thislife, thus I would not change a thing about how life played out for dear Auntyand baby brother if the darkening sky could lift more than one hour from thisday, there are words I would never have said nor have heard you say, yourexistence was not imperfect, to turn back time would imply a perception thatthey were. The predominant feeling I now have within me is one of greatgratitude and appreciation for I gave love and was loved and I will forever be gratefulto have made such wonderful and awe-inspiring acquaintances.