Tips on How to Prepare a Speech

The first task in preparing your speech is to determine what makes the teacher of honor special.

Does she (I’ll use the feminine pronoun throughout) remain after school on her own time to help students? Does she go above and beyond the curriculum, racking her brain to try to plan fun and effective ways of Imparting knowledge to her students? Does she reach out to the parents of her students, and treat each and every student as a human being, and not Just an ID number on her roster? 2Acknowledge the fact that the teacher of honor, Just like all teachers, could easily switch to a career that is more high paying and less stressful, but instead is choosing to remain a teacher, trying to make a difference for America’s future. Also think about how things would be deferent at the school if the teacher were to spontaneously quit, and take on a Job In an industry that is more valued by solely. Use all of this to help shape and personalize your speech. Sponsored LinksCompleted 12th? Get part-time courses in Animation Join MAC Academy Now.

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Hurry! Www. Macadamia. Com 3 Think about the teaching profession in general, and then use the speech as an opportunity to acknowledge teachers collectively. Sure there are some teachers who don’t care at all, and who are only teaching so that they can have their summers off. But most teachers care deeply, and put their heart and soul into what they do. Utilize a few moments of the speech to make note of this.

4Acknowledge the fact that our education system makes things very difficult for teachers. Teachers typically have to work within tremendous constraints. The law does not make it easy for teachers to remove unruly students from their classes, and teachers must often be very creative and diplomatic to maintain control. Teachers are also under tremendous pressure to ensure that their students do well on standardized exams, and yet are often given limited time and materials to accomplish this. The system is, at best, characterized by unfairness.

Despite this, many teachers carry on. They follow their calling in life to make a difference, and do something that Is meaningful. Acknowledge all of this In your speech, while keeping the focus on the accomplishments of the teacher of honor.

5 Consider ending your speech by informing the teacher that you have obtained a Explain that in addition to the letter honoring the teacher, it includes a request that the government work to improve the education system for all of America’s teachers and students.