To A sedulous student, Mayanka has a desire

To whom it may concern,As a professor in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Department at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, I take immense pleasure to write recommendation for Ms. Mayanka Verma to support her application for the Master’s program at your revered University.

A sedulous student, Mayanka has a desire for acquiring knowledge. She has been my student since her sophomore year when I taught her a course in “Digital Signal Processing” and “Digital Signal Processing Lab”.Mayanka pursued her honors project on “Actuation based on Brain Computer Interface” under my guidance. The objective of the project was to assess the feasibility and robustness of an asynchronous and non-invasive EEG-based Brain Computer Interface (BCI) for continuous mental control of a wheelchair using MATLAB. During the ten months of her project work, I found her very involved and focused in working to achieve the required targets. Although working in a group of three students, she took charge, assuming the majority of the work and responsibility and ensuring that everything was completed in a timely manner and to her extremely high standards, which is a testimony to her diligence and leadership qualities.

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Her project was extremely well put and thorough which led to her getting an “A” grade.In my three years of working with her, Mayanka has always shown great interest towards practical aided learning techniques. One of her most outstanding characteristics is her independence of thought and her willingness to express them. She possesses the skills to use her imaginative thinking to depict the hardest of concepts with ease.

Her ability to understand the fundamentals and apply them to solve practical problems highlights her perceptiveness, which is clear from her project work.Beyond her academic excellence, Mayanka is a well-rounded individual with a warm personality and sense of humor who is respected and liked by her faculty and peers.From my experience with her as well as feedback from other faculty members, she is a sincere student and strives to gain a deep understanding of her subjects. I sincerely believe, her confidence, innovative skills, sincere efforts and keeping abreast the current developments in the field will make her a valuable asset to any research group. Thus, I hereby strongly recommend her for admission to the Master’s program as well as for financial help in the form of assistantships or fellowships in your esteemed university.