To err is human

To err is human, to forgive, divine Over this question it still needs to think about. It can be wrong many times. We often think that we are right, without hearing and understanding other people. Obstinacy is a good quality only if it is appropriate. Sometimes we say ourselves, “if it were possible to bring back the time, so probably it would not have been, it would be much better.

” Unfortunately, this can only dream of. After all, we live in a real world.Only some time later we realize our mistakes, Justifying them and trying to protect ourselves from the same. We try to find other ways to solve problems, at least some way out. It’s hard to live when you have a burden of the soul, in which it is not healed wounds. Likewise, I think a man who can admit his mistakes, is not a wimp, but a strong, honest, brave man.

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Sometimes we say a lot without thinking. But not everyone is aware, not all admit their mistakes, because they are apparently proud of themselves. “Even the word can kill” – is true.One word can strike in a way that the OLL does not survive. Better think before you say something, think before to do something.

Because you can cause a lot of errors. Of course, it is peculiar for human nature to be wrong. Since we learn from the bugs, we become more educated.

Nevertheless to forgive such mistakes – it is one of the rare gifts of a man. To forgive someone, truly forgive and forget is really hard to do. That is why it is said that you need to be in a real holy place in your mind to forgive someone.Forgiveness from our did – it is a matter that we have to do with ourselves and for ourselves to get rid of the pain that ties us to the abuser. It causes problems. This not only makes us be unhappy, but can stretch or ruin relationships, divert us from work and family and other important things, make us reluctant to reveal new things and people.

We are trapped in a cycle of anger and resentment, and miss the beauty of life as It happens. We must learn to let go. We should be able to forgive, so we can move on ND be happy.It can change your life. Forgiveness does not mean that you erase the past, or forgetting what happened. This did not mean that other people will change their behavior – you cannot control that.

This means that you let go of anger and pain, and move on too better place. It’s not easy. But life goes on.

You must live on, a new day and hope to believe that everything will be fine. Just remember that there Is always the answer, there Is always a way out, there Is always support.