To have to defend for their client’s cause

To be adefence attorney, I think they have to defend for their client’s cause even ifthey have committed the crime or not, but court appointed attorneys tend not todo as well as paid attorneys.

Even if during the court case there is physicalproof that the client is guilty the attorney will still have to defend the caseas if they are certain that they definitely are not guilty and still have totry their best to win the case for them. An attorney can only defend one personthey cannot defend two people involved in the same crime at the same time.During the case the attorney is expected to remain professional with theopposing attorneys and witnesses also they must not intimidate or influence thejury. Attorneys can sometimes work for up to 18 hours a day and I don’t imaginethat it’ll be one of the most wanted jobs in the world. The structure ofcriminal law is quite complex therefore going into court representing yourselfis most likely to lead to losing the case so unless you are fairly educated interms of law it isn’t recommended that you go in alone without the presence ofan attorney. Going into a court you need someone that knows the court lawsinside out so they can even help you avoid court trial and challenge the arrestif possible. An attorney can also argue with the jury to convince them torelease you or reduce your sentence for the crime.

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The role of a defenceattorney also known as a criminal defence lawyer is to defend the innocent andprotect the rights of the person being accused using the justice system. Theattorney must make sure that the client is treated fairly and has the chance todefend their case. They also have to present all evidence that show the clientis not guilty of the crime and analyse any evidence that might be unreliable.The attorney has to remind their client of their rights and defend those rightsto check they have not been violated to make sure the law works as it should.

It is important for the client to find an attorney earlier on to provide morehelp before the case progresses. The attorney works with the client and otherwitnesses to understand the series of events and tries to find any possiblealibis or misidentifications. The attorney can decide which witnesses to calland how to question them on the case and also remove any biased people in thejury. To become a defence attorney, you need to be good at acquiringinformation and being investigative. To conclude my essay, I have learned thatit is not easy to be a defence attorney because you have to work long hours andreally fight for your client no matter what the case even if they seem guiltyit’s your job to use all the skills you have to give your client justice.