To if they treat food like drugs or

To conclude, There are different types of foods to eat. Most people like to eat snacks. There are many varieties of snacks. There are healthy and unhealthy snacks. Unhealthy snacks are very popular. First, there are many examples of unhealthy and healthy snacks.

For example, “soda, ice cream, and french fries” our a snack everyone likes (Beil). People like these types of foods because it tastes so darn good. People are so attached to eating junk food. “Soda, ice cream, and french fries” all have sweets and salt in them(Beil). Also, some healthy snacks would be fruits or veggies. For example, frozen grapes and kiwi are a healthy snack to eat. Also, avocado with salt, pepper, and lime are a healthy snack. It is good for people to eat snacks between meals.

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Another example, of unhealthy snacks is all that candy with lots of sweets in them. Twizzlers is an unhealthy candy if people eat more than 4 that is way too unhealthy for them. M&Ms are also very unhealthy for people. Yes people should atleast have one piece of candy but not more than that or it can be very unhealthy for them (Beil). Second, food can become an addiction.

For example, foods rich in fats, sugar, and salt can become an addiction to people. Dark chocolate is very high in fats. Ketchup is very high in sugar. Frozen meals contain a lot of salt in them. Also, if they treat food like drugs or alcohol it can even lead to worse problems. Food addiction is worse than alcohol addiction or drug addiction.

When people are addicted to drugs they can go into a program to learn how to get those things out of their lives. Food addiction is hard because people need to eat every day. Therefore, people should know when they are addictive. Some symptoms people might get is feeling guilty after eating, depressed, and people can not stop eating. If people have symptoms like that they should know they are addicted to food. When people are addicted to food people have to do something right away (Beil).

Third, “addiction recovery can become an addiction” (Beil). During, recovering they might have smaller portions. Overcoming this addiction can be difficult. It is good to start with small portions. People want to eat smaller portions because then if they keep eating big portions people will not overcome there food addiction. In addition, behavioral addiction can occur with all the negative side effects. People might start to overeat and get weight gain. People also might be needing larger amounts of food overtime to achieve the emotional effect.

Some symptoms are intense cravings, feeling stress/anger, and depression when overeating. In fact, the body is so use to all the food it was getting. If people stop eating how much they use to eat there energy might start going down. Once the body gets use to it the energy will come back. Peoples bodies will start to get use to eating less and get all back to normal (Beil).

These our some healthy and unhealthy snacks and having all these snacks can become an addiction and recovery can also be an addiction. Snacks can be healthy but also unhealthy. All kids like snacks no matter if it is healthy or not healthy.