To Kill a Mockingbird – Symbolism

The mockingbird is commonly found in North America.

They are well known for mimicking songs of other birds, loudly and repeatedly. Mockingbirds sing all through the day and most often into the night. The mockingbird is considered to be one of the more innocent bird species because they do not cause harm and only sing for others to hear and enjoy. Harper Lee uses the mockingbird theme in Boo Radley, Tom Robinson and Link Deas’ characters and the fears and superstitions attached to the mockingbird and the characters themselves. The three characters demonstrate attributes that the mockingbird stands for, such as causing no harm, doing only good, and bringing happiness. “Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy.

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..but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.” (p.199) Boo Radley is one of the characters that demonstrates some attributes and characteristics of a mockingbird because of what he does and who he is. Boo Radley is known throughout the book as a mystery, he was the character that we didn’t know much about. Throughout the town he was always thought of as a bad person.

The children of Maycomb knew not to walk past his house after dark, to not walk on his lawn or touch his house, and to not eat nuts from the tree in his backyard as they were thought of as ‘poisonous’ (p.10). There were many superstitions that went along with Boo Radleys image. He was perceived as being seven feet tall with long teeth, who ate squirrels and looked through your windows while you were asleep. (pg.10) Us as readers got to know the different side of Boo Radley. The side that did only good, in many occasions throughout the novel Boo shows that he does do only good, he left gifts in the tree for Jem and Scout (p.

79), saved Scout and Jem from being hurt or potentially murdered by Bob Ewell (p.352) or just the simplest things such as sewing Jem’s pants, when he ripped them on a fence. Al.