To out in life if they trust in

be able to display leadership in intercollegiate athletic is
primarily a necessity.  Not to
mention, the individual be able
to must demonstrate good character traits across the
board. Mrs. Paige Wood displays those characteristics perfectly.

Not many people can be just fit
into this role and be able to be successful instantly. Many people
would agree that she is the best fit for our athletic compliance team based on
her character and experiences prior. This can lead one to believe that Mrs.

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Paige Woods is the epitome of what it means to be a leader at the
college level. Leadership in athletics is
extremely important also being that she exemplifies those qualities
in which she was hired an assistant compliance officer position.

Moreover, not many people could have dealt with the amount of adversity
that she has been faced with throughout her life and she remained resilient.

This can lead people to consider her to be roles on campus as and
effective registrar employee, which lead her to where she is now. In all sports
we need more leaders who stand for the qualities that she stands for. Role
models guide their followers along the way to be successful. This can lead many
to believe that she proves to all people that no matter how confused
someone may be in life things will work out in life if
they trust in the lord. Mrs. Woods just shows what it is to have
faith and threw it all never give up on being successful. She touched
on what her Catholic denomination is all about it seems like it’s not bad
after seeing the path that Mrs. Wood took to get to where she is today. Others
could admire Mrs. Woods because she has achieved so much more since she
not only told me her testimony personally, but she had the courage to
share it with the Sports Management students. Some people could describe Mrs.

Paige Woods as “God-fearing” because she lost both her parents and her
grandparents meanwhile in college and still never
gave up on her goals. Mrs. Woods explains, “any
one of us as individuals can do whatever we want to do if we just work
hard at it”-(Woods, Paige). The way this article describes goal
focusing is perfect “If someone knows they need to do something and somehow, they seem
to be avoiding it, then one way to help get things done is to focus on the
goal, the beneficial outcome of the actions. (source)  To
be a good leader one must know how to follow through with visions. Another
thing their character must match up with what they talk She told that anything we
put our minds to is accomplishable while
trusting in God we can do all possible things. Many would
find it quite inspiring that she went out to better her self as an
artist and enrolled into an Art Institute. Personally, it’s not
that she just enrolled but it’s the simple fact that she tried to make things
work for her in life and she simply wanted to be happy.  Nonetheless, she became unsatisfied
with what Art had to offer her and her family financially. Mrs. Woods when she
just kept on trying to do something with her life. All she did was
try to fulfill her dreams growing up and
she did. Many people would be surprised with how passionate about
her dreams in the medical field to assist during surgeries and that she planned on
following up back on that course when her children became old enough.  Mrs.

Woods claimed that she never wanted to take away the chance her kids had
whether it was to play sports or to do something that interested them. She
wanted to support he kids no matter what they did
because she said growing up her parents always
supported her, so she didn’t want
to take that opportunity away from her kids.  

After, Hearing Mrs. Paige woods speak on he
testimony of how she got to where she is to now, it could lead people to
believe that she is a determined person. But her determination was put to a
standstill when she was faced with a class conflict issue that was going to recuse
her from being able to swim. Mrs. Paige Woods described it as “not easy for her
to give up on her dream because all she could remember growing up was that she
wanted to be an engineer.” This could have lead many people to understand what
it is like to have to stop doing something they dreamt about but couldn’t
achieve it because of sport obligations. One of the things that others
could admire about Mrs. Woods was when she said “I couldn’t have t done
anything with myself if I keep on looking back.” That quote right there
is speaks for its self one will never feel at peace with themselves with
accomplishments if they keep dwelling on the past. Some people can relate
to this because If they always keep looking back on the things that they
did wrong in their lives it becomes a cycle were all they will do is second
guess their lives.  Mrs. Paige woods Believes that” if one trusts in God
wholeheartedly, be an opportunist, and never take anything for
granted anyone can be successful. Just from her testimony it can lead someone
to believe that we are going to need more people like her who are leaders not
followers. Others can be lead to believe that ethics is what can also be grasped
from her whole testimony.