To years around the world. Global warming is

begin with the topic, global warming is the rapid increase in Earth’s average climate
change in temperature over the past hundred years around the world. Global
warming is also facing an overall global climate change in Earth’s atmosphere
over the past hundred years around the world. According to NASA, the advantage
of global warming will strongly differ from region to region. As the climate
changes its average, the fairness will not be easy to evaluate. However, the
change in climate lengthens, the negative result will have decreased rapidly. The
reason is based on now the climate we have, have previously establish a huge
infrastructure. With the effect of global warming, it appears to be an issue
that in cases when current trends of society such as the rising of sea-level, flash
flood, and the coastal zones (Holli, 2010). The term “climate change” can be
defined as the climate change in patterns that is from the early 20th
century and it is the increased in levels from carbon dioxide the emits by the
fossil fuels. It is therefore important to discuss this issue on global warming
as people who got to focus on the point where the environmental has made or
progressed. In this essay,
the first aspect that will be further discussed as to how global warming is
affecting or contributing, followed by what are some of the countries that have
been affected by it. Lastly, what is likely to cause by global warming.


            Next, it could be argued that the benefits may be agreeable
to some people, for example, one of the benefit could be one of the human’s
health or it may be a disadvantage. Heat in our body could have cause by human
being. The more higher temperature is your body, it will bring more warmth to
it and this could be it.

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relation to climate change, some evidence has shown is the global mean in sea-level,
the temperature and CO2 in the atmosphere. According to NASA of the Seal Level Change,
it appears that the current rise global mean data rate in sea-level is as of
3.2mm/year (2018).