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Toby FullerMs. PlazaEnglish 2nd p.His skin not matching the characters, but his voice stronger than the original voice. The character, a white statesman named Aaron Burr, is acted by a black man. Yes, a black man. The hit Broadway musical Hamilton has become famous for its Ccolor- blind casting, which means not taking into account race and ethnicity, but focusing on the talent of the actor. Until recently Broadway and Hollywood have been racist when it comes to casting actors because they choose actors for their ability to fit the character and not their  acting skills and their proficiency. Good characters and actors are created through talent and personality and not with physical characteristics, such as ethnicity and race. Color blind casting, should be enforced more and that will make theater have more diversity. Throughout all of history, people liked to be pleased, watching things is a very common way to be entertained. Watching mainly plays and movies to delight people. In these events people play roles to charm the watcher, but how are the roles decided. It should be just on skill, but it was mainly on the fit of the role. If the actors were different colors or different races then they would treat them as less than a white man. Minorities have been treated differently in the acting department, from getting fewer roles to being paid less. Color blind casing mainly started in the 1980’s, but has been occurring more and more. It started as just a few actors playing different races roles every now and then, but not commonly. Most plays were cast with actors that matched the ethnicity and color of the character. Whether we view theater as a joint way in which a play is recreated and recasted each time by a new director and new actors that put it on, or whether each play exists as a diagram that has to be followed by the director and actors. In April of 2016, Hamilton the Musical came out and was instintaly a hit, because of the great songs and the choice of actors. Hamilton was created to give an opportunity to actors who normally wouldn’t have the chance. Lin Manuel Miranda, the director and lead role of Hamilton, thought that using actors of color made the play more immediate and accessible. He also thinks that directors and actors should be able to recreate plays based on what they want and not be subject to follow the exact script of a play. Additionally, Lin Manuel thinks being more conscious of people of color and different ethnicity will make plays more entertaining and exhilarating. The casting of Black, Latino, and Asian Americans lets us be able to picture America as a nation full of immigrants. Doing this gives the actors an opportunity to retake the history that isn’t always their own.The difference between “color blind casting” and “color conscious casting” is that in the case of “color blind” directors don’t take into account ethnicity, rather they focus on skill. “Color conscious casting” is understanding the historical inequality of the theatre industry and then choosing actors based on that. Many people agree with color conscious casting, but not all agree with color blind casting. These people think that the term “color blind” is to harsh for the scenario and prefer the term “color conscious”. They also think that it denies the person that is in front of you and ignores identity. Directors should be one of them either color blind or color conscious. Either way, doing this lets more actors have careers.  Plays should have a more diverse cast of actors, so then they will include more chances for actors to act. In Hamilton, there is a diverse set of actors and a diverse choice of music. The data shows that 78 percent of actors on Broadway as of 2015 were white, but the percentage is going down because of directors hiring more minorities. People, actors in this case, shouldn’t be punished for their race. Rather they should be rewarded for their skill. More and more directors have now been starting to ignore physical features and only pay attention to their capability to act. The whole play of Hamilton would have been acted by white actors, but Lin Manuel purposely hired people of other races to play the roles. Hiring actors of color is a form of resistance against equality and racism because it is saying that they don’t care what others think. Directors all over the world need to continue to disregard ethnicity during casting actors for their plays and zoom in on the talent and skills of the actors. Doing this shows a form of resistance against people who don’t want people of different races to be treated the same. It shows them in a artistic way through theatre, therefore it is creative resistance. Creative resistance is a way of showing beliefs without doing harm to against the thing that is disbelieved in. It shows concepts that people believe in in deep and true way. If directors do continue doing this then more actors of color will have jobs, for example if a specific play calls for a particular traits for the actor. It doesn’t mean you have to cancel the play. When you can just find another actor, who has similar traits to the ones of the characters. The director should just hire the other actor even if he doesn’t perfectly fit the role, but this isn’t always the case. Many times directors just cancel the production due to the lack of actors, but several times there is an actor to fit the role, but they are not casted for the sake of the actors ethnicity. Even audiences can do something against the inequality of theatre. All people have to do is to support the directors who already are hiring using a color blind method. Supporting them by going to see their show and enjoying it and also listening to the music of the production and sharing it with your friends and family. These things will all spread the message of equality on the stage and the message to not be afraid of standing up for what you believe in.