Today Approximately, one gram of Guarana is equal

Today in our modern society, many
people will emphasize on energy drinks. In their opinion, energy drinks are the
best solution to problems. Well, is it true? Let us see. Energy drinks are
commonly used by the younger generation, mostly men aged between 18 to 34
(Energy Drinks, 2017). It is used to increase physical and mental condition. A
company named Taisho first made energy drink in Japan in 1960. They created an
energy drink named Liptoviton-D(Engber, D. 2013). It was introduced as a drink
for medical purposes. Later on, in 2005, around 61% population of America
increased the use of energy drinks (The History of Energy Drinks). 

How is it made?

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Energy drinks are made with a
combination of different drugs such as:

Caffeine: It is a drug, which is
used in many things such as chocolates, tea, coffee, but around 154mg is used
in drinks. Caffeine energizes the central nervous system and gives temporary
energy to the body (Gavin, M. L, 2014).

 Guarana: It is a plant from South Africa, that
is similar to Caffeine but it is stronger than that. Approximately, one gram of
Guarana is equal to 40mg of Caffeine (@acsifferlin, A. S. 2013).

 Sugar: Energy drinks consist of a lot of
sugar. Research says that if a human body taking many drinks can cause diabetes
and dental problems. Energy drinks consist of around 21 grams to 34 grams per 8
Oz (@acsifferlin, A. S. 2013).

 Taurine: It is commonly found in the form of
supplements. It helps to keep the heart healthy and it is good for athletes
(Oliver, K. 2017).

Impacts of drinks in society:

Energy drinks are harmful to young
people, Professor and study co-author David Hammond of the University of
Waterloo did a study that shows that people who drink drinks had to go through
some side effects such as rapid heartbeat, nausea, and seizures. Some activist
asked 2,055 Canadians about the consumption of different energy drinks and side
effects. There were around 70% who consumed those drinks and 55.4percent people
had side effects (Patel, A., 2018).


The energy drink company “Red
Bull” uses aluminum to create the cans. They weigh less than before which also
save the use of raw metals. Those cans are 100% recyclable. Aluminum used can
be melted to create a new can without any loss of metals (Recycling Red Bull


Mostly, students take an energy
drink to study at night, which also cause in insufficient sleep. At night when
many people cannot sleep, they use their devices (Ishak, W. W., Ugochukwu, C.,
Bagot, K., Khalili, D., & Zaky, C., 2012).