Today, questionable mark.Considering both the cases, I don’t

Today, everyone and everything is online. Being in a digitally trapped zone, we do ample of things online like banking, paying bills, shopping, socializing, tracking our health, reminders etc. To do all these chores, we are using numerous accounts associated with a login and password.  I agree, we are terrible at remembering things. To avoid the on-time login confusion, we keep same password for every website. This is not a great idea and so is keeping your password: “Password**”. There is another way to save your time and effort: Password Manager “.

As mentioned in the article, we have number of password managers like: LastPass, Dash lane etc. Password management services has some effective features like It keeps you updated about latest breaches and keeps all your credentials encrypted. One short shot tool to save your time and effort.One thing about technology is: “Nothing here is silver bullet”. Same is the case with password management services.

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It provides an opportunity to hacker to access an online repository filled with email addresses, reminder solutions etc. Considered to be one of the most effective password managers “LastPass” faced a compromised situation in 2015. It had been the target of hack that accessed its users email address and encrypted passwords. Authorities admitted that users with weak passwords are still vulnerable.

Tis is not the first breach incident with LastPass. It also faced similar situation in 2011.   Though the company recovered from these breach incidents, but it still leaves a questionable mark.Considering both the cases, I don’t think I will use a password management service for my accounts. I believe instead of targeting wide websites, a hacker can easily target the service which is a repository for millions of usernames and passwords. In such a sate, one cannot rely on encryption.

One thing which I personally follow is setting a baseline for passwords. For example:Gmail: privacyGMAIL007BOFA: privacyBOFA007.Amazon: privacyAMAZON007I am aware that still my passwords are vulnerable.This does not assure absolute security, but it is better than setting same password for every account or stashing the keys of your digital world into one vault