Today’s stacks. Marketing technology stack defined herein as

Today’s marketing projects are technically complex and logistically challenging, which exposes marketing operations inefficiencies and foster frustration amongst marketers. The need to use multiple marketing solutions to achieve the organisation’s vision creates siloed environments where project execution, review and measurement  cumbersome, and a lack of overall project visibility, greatly limiting the marketing team’s capability to leverage global scale opportunities while being nimble and agile.In summary, there is a need for a better understanding of how marketing processes can be optimised by using integrated marketing technology stacks. Marketing technology stack defined herein as a grouping of software tools that marketing teams leverage to perform and improve their day-to-day activities (Optimizely, n.d). The vision for the research proposed is to create an employee experience that improves collaboration in marketing teams, with the objective of developing a comprehensive review of literature and industry practice in relation to marketing management and outline a conceptual framework for building marketing technology stacks. Particularly, the applied project has the following sub-objectives:To provide a comprehensive review of processes and software typically found in marketing teams;To identify the key marketing operations areas where software solutions are needed to increase performance and improve experience; To develop a tool classification method for easier categorization and understanding of marketing tools;To review current industry practices and academic researches in regards to marketing technology stack selection;To outline a conceptual framework for marketing technology stack selection.The result of this study will be valuable to the industry practitioners as well as related software providers in developing better practice and tools for constraint management and look-ahead scheduling.