Yes, but there is still tunes return function tests, have some of the equipment does not yet support this feature. Therefore, before using tunes return, please make sure your device supports this function, to avoid misuse. (1) how to confirm whether the device supports tunes return function? In the [Settings], open the “tunes return (test),” if your device does not support this feature, you will be prompted: Your device does not yet support this feature.

If your device does not support this feature, we recommend that you use the synchronization assistant management applications, avoid the use of tunes Chula, cause the application to be erased. At the same time, please contact our customer service (email: [email protected] Com), and leave information about your equipment (model, firmware version) and tunes version, operating system type and other relevant data, the best equipment can be in sync assistant information summary page corrections to us. (2) how to use tunes return function? 1 .

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Ensure that the device has at least one current application is genuine application installed through the App Store or tunes Store download. (Tips: how to download genuine application, open the App Store on your device, lick to select a free application downloaded and installed. ) Confirm the following operations are performed in “tunes return (test),” open the case. 2. Push synchronization to download and install a complete break applications, such as pushing through synchronization download “Jingling Mall” application, and the installation is complete. 3.

Connect the device to your computer, open tunes, the device name of a column, right-click menu in the “Transfer Purchases” and then wait for the synchronization can be completed. 4. You can also connect the device to your computer, open tunes, Device – Application – Sync Applications” list, feel free to select an application, click the “Apply” and wait for the synchronization can be completed. (Note: If there is not authorized by the computer you are currently using to buy the genuine account application on your device, the device that account to buy genuine applications will be erased v) 4 how to delete “download” the task?

Download and update the – [download], click the upper right corner of the “Edit” button and click on the list , select the task you want to delete, click the “Delete” button to delete it. After the lock screen, “synchronous push” can also download applications? Depending on the conditions used in the network environment, there will be several different situations: 1 . Only WIFE networks: lock screen has a certain probability lead to WIFE network outages, after the lock screen, if WIFE interrupted, the download task will be interrupted. 2.

Only G network: the lock screen, if the G network is not interrupted, the download task will continue. 3. At the same time Open WIFE and G case: if the lock screen led WIFE network interruption, and you just urn on the G network equipment, the system will automatically switch to the G network to ensure that the download task properly. 6 My device is phone, how do not want to use GAPS to download? When you are in WIFE environment, do not want to use GAPS download, you can be first in the device will be “Settings – General – Network -G and cellular data” setting is not enabled.

When WI network outage, it will not use the GAPS traffic. 7 “synchronous push” support background downloading? “Synchronous push ” currently supports background downloading, the unload process, if you switch to use another application, you can guarantee short background to continue downloading. 8 using the “synchronous push ” to download the application, why would the installation fails? If you push a sync pip installation package, there may be the following four questions: 1.

First check your firmware is suitable for the type of device and install the software. Example: If your firmware is Isis. O, but the software is only applicable to Isis. X version, it will fail to install. 2. Equipment insufficient space, will lead to the installation. 3. You download the installation package itself has a problem, you can delete the installation package, and then download an installation. If it still fails to install, please contact us for processing. 4.

There may be that you install the plugging directory permissions to modify the specific repair method can log in to view synchronized forum. Click to view detailed tutorial 9 can “push synchronization” on direct install applications? Yes, “synchronous push ” to install the application support; in [discovery] – [Application Management], click the need to install the application, according to the popup prompt, click ‘Install Application ” button. 10 how to use “push synchronization” backup application?

Without connecting to a computer, “synchronous push” to help you anytime, anywhere backup application! You can also backup package will be shared to friends. How to back up: In the [discovery] – [Application Management] in the list, find the application you want to back up, click on the application name, the backup can be. Share backup packages: After the backup is complete, the application package will be stored in your [discovery] – [Download and Update] – [downloaded] list.

Click backup package, you can directly through WIFE or Bluetooth to share with friends! 11 how to save a good backup application on your computer? By “synchronization assistant” on your computer, open the “Device – File Management – Sync push”, the folder backup package to be saved locally. 12 Why not use the wireless sharing application equipment friends? The fun application on the device directly via WIFE or Bluetooth to share with friends, eliminating the trouble of re-downloading friends!

If the device can not find a reined to share, you can refer to the following help: 1. Make sure that “[discovery] – [Settings] (upper right corner)” in the “wireless sharing software” function is turned on. 2. Confirm WIFE or Bluetooth can be used normally; if you use WIFE network share, the parties must be in the same WIFE network. 3. The share transfer process, both sides must be open “synchronous push I’ software. If your friend to install the shared applications and found that the phenomenon of flash back.

There may be because sharing is genuine application, the recipient’s device is required to purchase the authorization in order to properly open the application. How to add authorization 13 How to use the “synchronous push” install applications downloaded by Safari? You can find the downloaded application in Safari, click the download, the download process will be short black and white phenomenon Safari, the top will be a corresponding download progress bar. After the download is complete, select the pop-up installation prompt interface, choose “synchronous push ” can be opened.