Top and fine lines to glow you noticeable.

Top 5 Great Foods: You may know that natural diet has power to fight against of diabetes and heart disease. Do you know that olive oil, dark chocolate, berries, etc are great foods for your skin? Yes, it’s true and proven. Apparently, it’s important what you eat at your daily diet that produces creams and serum and apply on skin automatically.

List of Top 5 Great Foods that Give Your Skin Celebrity Looks

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According to importance of various vitamins and antioxidant we have enlisted top 5 Great Foods that Give Your Skin Celebrity Looks:

1. Drinking Plenty of Pure Water

Drinking plenty of pure water is the best habit that can keep the skin in proper shape. Your skin gets moist by water which makes less wrinkles and fine lines to glow you noticeable. It helps the cells of the body take nutrients and releases the harmful toxins. It regulates your blood flow and keeps your skin shiny. The daily amount of drinking water is at least 8 glasses, but you can take more.

2. Olive oil

The researchers made a study named “PLOS ONE” to analyze the foods of 1264 women participants, and they find a higher use of olive oil (8.4 grams or more which is equal to 2 teaspoons) was related with fewer than 31% signs of aging with compare to those who take less than 1 teaspoon ( more than 3.8 grams). Olive oil hammer on the supplementary oils hardened, like peanut and sunflower, because olive oil has 75% monounsaturated fatty acids that is important for your skin to keep it youth.

3. Dark Chocolate

Your skin gets hydrate from Cocoa. It makes your skin supple and firmer. It is full of flavonol of high levels, which is a strong antioxidant. Eat chocolate of 70% of cacao that has largest content of flavonol. It improves the luminosity of skin consuming couple of squares chocolates in a day. There are some creams for skin care of Coffee with 100% cocoa-rich, but it’s better to take it through diet.

4. Selenium-rich Foods

The foods of Selenium-rich can guard your skins that get gathered some free dusts. These free radicals are responsible for the aging signs of skin with wrinkles; some others skin diseases and tissue damage. Selenium prevents the skin cancer as well. So, where to get selenium from? It’s easy to get selenium from fishes, like cod, tuna, snapper and salmon, Brazil nuts, lamp, shrimp, button mushrooms, and etc. selenium is also available in light turkey, cooked beef, crab, sardines, oysters and pasta of whole-wheat.

5. Yogurt

The protein of the dairy, like Yoghurt, makes your skin firmer to make more resistant to various skin lines. Especially, Greek yoghurt is more beneficial. Yoghurt makes the content of protein double. Eating daily a single serve make your skin smoother and you can apply Korres Yoghurt for your calm irritated, sensitive or dry skin.


So, these Top 5 Great Foods that Give Your Skin Celebrity Looks are not all. There are many other foods including veggies and fruits must eat to keep up healthy, free of aging signs skin.