Top Tips on How to Write an Essay Introduction

If you want to find out about the exact importance of the introduction of an essay, then you should know that most teachers give you a grade depending on your introduction. Remember that these teachers or professors are busy people and they have other essays to check too, so what they generally do is to read your introduction, and then if they find it good, they give it a good grade, but if they don’t then they might even fail the student.As you might know, and as you no doubt must have been taught, first impressions are extremely important, and the introduction is the first impression of the essay. If your introduction isn’t good then the reader is automatically going to think that your essay is of the same level. This is the reason why you need to learn how to write an essay introduction.

The primary goal of the writer should be to write an introduction which is catchy and interesting to read, the kind of essay where the reader wants to continue reading so that he can find out what is coming up next. If you are able to learn how to write an essay introduction then you are on the starting point of getting a good grade.So, what is it exactly that makes a good introduction? If you want to know this and also how to write an essay introduction then read the tips given below and you will have a good idea.

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  • Listen to your professor carefully

The best advice I or anyone else can give you is to listen to your professor attentively. He is most definitely also going to give you some requirements to fulfill when he is giving the essay and so you need to listen to them and note them down for later reference. If you do not do this then you are going to forget to add the important things in your essay and this is going to leave a negative impact on your teacher.

  • Don’t beat around the bush

Yes there are a lot of articles and blogs that say that an essay introduction needs to be long, but contrary to the common believe, if you want the reader to be interested then you have got to write a short or brief introduction.

Only mention the key points in your intro and don’t go into detail, because you are going to be doing that in the body of your essay.Another point worth mentioning here would be to write an introduction according to what your professor asked. If your teacher is asking you to write a long intro then by all means do that.

  • Add questions to your introduction

A very good trick in making your introduction an interesting read is to add questions to it. Ask questions that intrigue the mind of your reader, this way the reader will continue reading because he wants to find out the answers to those questions.

Curiosity is a very common human trait and this it is the best way you can keep the reader interested.So, remember these tips of how to write an essay introduction and apply them into your next essay to get a good grade.