Topic terrorism is arms trade. Arms Trade has

Topic Area A: Regulating Arms Trade in
the War on Terror

In the 21st century world, terrorism has
become a key concern. A key concern about the issue of terrorism is arms trade.
Arms Trade has a particular role in Armed Conflicts, and a slight issue in the
regulation of Arms Trade can have catastrophic effects. Arms Trade had a high
time during the Cold War, where it was also used as a political weapon. To
strengthen and maintain their political and military influence in the world,
certain countries started exporting and supplying weapons to their ‘allies’.
Since the end of the Cold War, Arms Trade was turning to a decline, until the
September 11 attacks. Since, the last decade, Arms Trade is mounting to a huge
number, so regulating it is even more difficult. One of the biggest issues is
the fact that sometimes, terrorist organizations intervene successfully in arms
trade due weak regulations or maybe with the help of serious, unofficial
dealings with other countries. We look forward to discussing this issue in
greater detail in the committee.

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One of the major international contributions to
regulate Arms Trade is the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), which is seen as the only
solution to regulate Arms Trade, especially in conflict. The treaty promotes
international co-operation, accountability and regional co-operation between
countries. The Arms Trade Treaty, however comes with many loopholes, which is
seen as the reason why many countries have not ratified it yet. We also look
forward to discussing these loopholes and making further amendments to the Arms
Trade Treaty, in order to make it more comprehensive.

China is one of the leading Arms exporters in the
world, however we have specific measures through which we regulate it. . China
has been an active participant in the Arms Trade Treaty process and supports
the international community in taking necessary measures to properly regulate
arms trade, and prevent and crack down upon the illegal transfer and
trafficking of conventional weapons. China supports the international efforts
in combating illicit trade in small arms and light weapons and earnestly
implements the United Nations Program of Action to Prevent, Combat and
Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects
and the International Instrument to Enable States to Identify and Trace, in a
Timely and Reliable Manner, Illicit Small Arms and Light Weapons.

Topic Area B: Co-operating to Prevent
Low-Technology Terror Attacks

Since the 9/11 terror attacks, terrorism is gaining
strength gradually. With the passage of time, we are seeing that the categories
and forms of terrorism are increasing. One of the most recent forms of
terrorism are low technology terror attacks. Although discussion on this issue
is based a lot on terrorism and extremism, different aspects are seen. Cyber
Crimes and Vehicle Assisted Attacks are some recent methods of carrying out
terrorist activities, the solutions of such methods are different. However, the
problem of terrorism still remains the same. 
Terrorism is the common enemy of the world. China is also a victim of
terrorism. The “Eastern Turkestan Islamic Movement” and other
“Eastern Turkestan” terrorist forces have long been plotting and
instigating violent terrorist attacks against the Chinese government and

The collaboration of the international community on
resolving the issue of terrorism and low-tech terrorism can be seen from the
mere fact that there is no globally-agreed definition of terrorism, and we look
forward to discussing the issue of defining terrorism in greater detail in the
committee sessions. Despite this issue, there have been serious responses to
terrorist activities. The Security Council Resolution 1373 was the direct
response after the September 11 attacks, which included some comprehensive
solutions. There is a large amount of UN documentation on the issue of
terrorism, however the issue of Low-Technology Terrorism is yet to be
discussed.  The international community
has substantial progress in the fight against terrorism. Yet on the other hand,
the breeding ground for terrorism has not been removed, the terrorist threats
to the international community are far from disappearing, and the international
counter-terrorism situation remains as grave as ever. The reason why terrorist
attacks are still at large is the fact that the solutions drafted are not
implemented, this highlights the need for frameworks regarding the
implementation for legislative measures and practical solutions.

China is an important member of the international
force against terrorism. In recent years China has participated in meaningful
ways in multilateral counterterrorism mechanisms, including the United Nations,
the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Global Counterterrorism Forum.
China will continue to participate and to promote multilateral and bilateral
counter-terrorism cooperation, enhance the sharing of counter-terrorism
intelligence, and provide counter-terrorism supplies and capacity-building to
developing countries to the extent of our ability. China stands ready to work
with all countries to respond collectively to the threat of terrorism and
violent extremism and to maintain international peace and stability.

We believe in the sovereignity of all states. Due to
this, we believe that intervening while dealing with the issue of terrorism is
unjustified. We also believe that a necessary measure to eradicate is to put a
ban on buying ammunition for normal civilians. We feel that this is an
important highlight of our stance because there is a global debate on this
issue. We believe that this is justified because in accordance with the
Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine, it is the duty of governments to
protect their civilians.