Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen

In the novel Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen, the author shows how Circle Justice helps Cole to grow and change. Circle Justice helps show Cole that people care about him, When the Circle decides to let Cole go back to the island after being mauled by the Spirit Bear, how Circle taught Cole that not everyone needs to be afraid of him show Cole how much his actions affect everyone else around him. One of the ways the Circle helps Cole is by showing him that people really do care about him even if he has being making lots of mistakes. Some examples of this is, when the circle still supports him even though he has beaten a kid nearly enough to kill him and also gets ‘mauled by a bear’ on the island.

With support of the Circle, Cole’s mother charges for child abuse, because her husband, Cole’s father beat him. “Mom, tell them how dad beats on me when he’s drunk.”- says Cole, p57. This quote demonstrates to how Cole has grown and changed, because he is at a Circle meeting and everyone hears it and encourages Cole’s mum to press charges against his Father.The Circle shows Cole in many ways that they still care and consider him in everything they say and do.Cole is badly wounded and even betrayed the Circle’s trust when he first went over to the island, they still decide to send him back to the same island but under some circumstances. Some of these conditions include that he has to rebuild the shelter that he burnt down and that Edwin and Garvey stay with him until he has successfully rebuilt the shelter that includes feeding them and also himself. “We still believe in you and think there is hope.

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” “Last night we convinced the Circle to release you into our custody.” – Garvey, p159 Chapter 15. These quotes relate to the fact that the Circle was convinced by Garvey to take him back to the island under their custody and not the Circle’s or Justice system’s. When the Circle agrees to let Cole return to t…