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Relevance of the topic Topic Is comparing brands Nikkei and Aids as two leading sport brands In the world. This topic is relevant from competition point of view, so it can be visible how strong is each side, to show fluctuations, to see differences and similarities between these two giants.

It is relevant to show how Aids is growing towards top by small steps and because of that Nikkei is losing small pieces of market by small steps. 2. Aim and research question Aim of this writing is to find answer on research question and to show history of power ratio between brands, to see why are they In last 20 years in positions In which they are, and why Nikkei Is so dominant. 1. 3. Structure of the paper In the beginning there will be introduction about these two brands, about their history and difference between Nikkei and Aids. There will be also talking about strategies and comparison of strategies of these two brands.

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2.Nikkei and Aids 2. 1 . Nikkei target markets will be described In this chapter, strategy of developing products and about feature focus. There will be some Important facts about Nikkei In social environment and marketing strategies.

2. 2. Aids will be described similar as Nikkei, there will be a lot of facts and data about both brands. Focus in this chapter will be on difference between two brands, different markets and to try to find answer about ways of their travel in markets. 2. 3.

Why do they fallMain question of researches is why is there slow but constant grow of Aids, and slow but constant fall in last 10 years. Which are Important factors for that movements and describing of changing or narrowing strategies towards main goal, which Is number one. 4.

1 . Summing up of the results Results of researches and comparison details will be disposed here, concrete facts will be written about this topic. 4.

2. Answering the research question Answering will be quite interesting, because this is one of most famous and biggest rivals among brands!