Tourist Data In Himachal Tourism Essay

Himachal Pradesh is one of Indias best tourer attractive force parts, with its green vales, snow covered Himalayan scopes and alone beauty, it is so a comfy topographic point for tourers. The part has a rich cultural heritage that attracts 1000s of tourers each twelvemonth.The outer periphery of Himachal is formed by the Shiwalik hills, which are characterized by shallow vales and dense chaparral woods. The mid ranges have the olympian Himalayan cedar and the spruces followed by alpine hayfields that intersperse themselves with the snow clothed extremums of the Greater Himalaya. ( touristry policy 2005 )The discrepancies in clime and forest screen in Himachal make it attractive in different seasons of the twelvemonth. The part besides has a varied topography with beautiful vegetations and zoologies.

Harmonizing to touristry policy 2005, Himachal has 32 sanctuaries, that is ; Simbalwara ( Sirmour ) , Churdhar, Chail ( Solan ) , Maharana Pratap Sagar ( Kangra ) Manali ( Kullu ) , Kanwar ( Kullu ) , Kalatop Khajjiar ( Chamba ) and Daranghati ( Shimla ) . , 2 national Parkss, Pin Valley National Park, Spiti and the Great Himalayan National Park, Kullu ; and 3 game militias, Kufri ( Shimla ) , Manali ( Kullu ) and Gopalpur ( Kangra ) .There has been an increasing figure of tourer visits to Himachal since the 90s to day of the month.

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Lahaul-Spiti and Kinnaur territories have emerged as the most common finishs. Table 1. Below shows the increasing rate of tourer visits in the part. Visitors come from different states all over the universe, some of which are ; United Kingdom, United States of America, France, Germany, Canada, and Malaysia. There are besides domestic visitants that have been recorded and the ratios predict that there are more domestic visitants as compared to foreign visitants.








Sri Lanka
















Beginning: Imperativeness Information Bureau, Friday, April 11, 2008











Beginning: Imperativeness Information Bureau, Friday, April 11, 2008

The tendency of tourers ‘ visits follows the clime seasons of Himachal, the seasons in Himachal are non different from those of the whole India, India has quarterly climatic seasons, happening every three months in a twelvemonth. The first one-fourth is snowing and stormy, the 2nd one-fourth is dust-covered because of the Sun, it is a dry season, the 3rd is the rainy season and the 4th is merely all right conditions. The tourer season usually begins in the snowfall and the Numberss escalate in the summer.

More Datas on Tourists Visits to Himachal

Number of domestic tourers between 2003 and 2004 was 5 million [ HT May 2004 ]Number of foreign tourers between 2003 and 2004 was 15,000Entire Number of tourers in 2007 was 720,000 [ CNEI Jan 2007 ]Increase of foreign tourer influx from 2005 to 2006 was 20 %Target for foreign tourer influx from 2006 to 2007 was 18 %

Table3: Tourist Visitation to Himachal

Year ( Monthly visitants )



2001521,8668,1712003673,9148,501Beginning: Hindu times 16th May 2004In 2003 the mean population in Kulu Valley found in Himachal during summer was 50,000 ; the figure of foreign visitant to the Kulu vale is 35,000 yearly. The figure of visitants to Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh during the extremum season can travel up to 10,000 daily.

Government ‘s Engagement in Tourism

In 2005 the authorities came up with a policy to better touristry in Himachal and other countries and below are the aims of the policy ;( 1 ) To set up Himachal Pradesh as a taking tourer finish in the state and abroad ;( 2 ) To do touristry a premier engine for economic development and prosperity of the State and as a major agencies for supplying employment ;( 3 ) To promote a strong and sustainable private sector engagement in creative activity of touristry substructure particularly through public private partnerships ;( 4 ) To advance sustainable touristry, which is non merely environmentally compatible but besides leads to economic improvement of the rural people ;( 5 ) To pull choice tourers and to increase their stay in the State ;( 6 ) To safeguard the State ‘s natural and manmade heritage ;( 7 ) To promote civil societies & A ; non-governmental organisations for publicity & A ; the conducting of touristry related activities ;( 8 ) To place Himachal Pradesh as a one halt finish for adventure touristry ;The Tourism Department proposes to work actively with the Wild life Wing of the Forest Department to foster develop and better wild life parks/zoos, bird watching towers and other public public-service corporation services for the installation of the tourers.

The authorities programs to put up a sensible fee for the care of the Parkss.The province authorities together with the cardinal authorities is besides be aftering to do some attempts in developing the undiscovered finishs to better the sanitation, the adjustment, the parking, the roads, lavatories, beautification and land scaping of countries that are of involvement to the tourers. Harmonizing to the authorities attempts will be made to maintain these countries clean. And in the country of building there is a program to restrict building so as to command the population and hence cut down congestion in these new countries, the building that is to be accepted is supposed to continue the architecture and ecology of the province.The authorities is concerned with continuing the cultural singularity of tourer countries so as to keep the tourer trials.By concentrating on quality tourers the State Government besides aims at advancing sustainable touristry and promoting the private sector to develop touristry related substructure in the State – without upseting the bing ecology and environment. ( India touristry Policy 2005 )To advance touristry in the countryside and to lesser-known countries, appropriate substructure will be developed within available resources.

Himachal was earlier known merely for the summer season. Attempts are being made to interrupt the seasonality factor and touristry merchandises have been diversified to pull the tourers in other seasons excessively.

Engagement of Other Local and National Authorities in Hospitality

Harmonizing to the touristry policy, the private sector will go on to be encouraged to put up guest houses for which subsidy will be provided from the State budget.

Tented adjustment will be encouraged with local engagement so that maximal benefits accrue to the local economic system.The authorities has besides set up touristry councils under the Tourism Act 2000 in the tourer attractive force countries so that some fee is charged from the trekkers and tourists the returns of which will travel to the locals for the care and care of the touristry related substructure and for modulating touristry on sustainable footing.

To Better on Conveyance

The Manali Leh path which has already become a favourite for both domestic every bit good as international tourers will be farther improved in coordination with the Government of J & A ; K and attempts would be made to associate it to the Buddhist Circuits of Shimla – Kinnaur- Spiti – Udaipur -Pangi and Palampur -Dharamshala – Dalhousie.

Economic Deduction of Tourism in India and Himachal in Particular

Tourism is a cardinal sector in India ‘s economic system.

It is soon India ‘s 3rd largest foreign exchange earner after garments, and treasures and jewelry. The best manner in which the touristry industry is assisting in income coevals is through bring forthing employment chances to the locals, therefore bettering their life manners. Many adult females and young persons have gotten occupations in hotels, travel bureaus, air hose services, doing art pieces and other cultural activities. Tourism besides offers possible for using natural resources like landscapes, rivers, beaches, mountains and others for the economic benefit of the population. The touristry industry employs more than 3 % of the entire Indian labour force while about 23 million individuals derive their support from touristry indirectly. So many new occupations are being created as the sector grows and because of this it is clear that touristry has become a really of import sector in the Indian economic system.The economic part of touristry income to province gross is about 5 billion Rs yearly. ( Hindu times 12th May 2004 ) which is 8 % , the touristry Policy of 2005 proposes to increase it to 15 % by the twelvemonth 2020 and the part of touristry to Himachal Pradesh ‘s province domestic merchandise is 2 % .

The Hospitality State of Himachal ;

By 2003 Himachal had 53 hotels, holding 963 suites and 2,052 beds ; there were 60 eating houses and coffeehouse, 25 luxury managers, 1 Tata Sumo. These are all HPTDC ( Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation ) tourer installations. News has it that some of these installations have been privatized and others are besides up for the same. Himachal Pradesh has 1,512 hotels that have been registered by the touristry section and these have a bed capacity of 32,302. In Manali there are 14,000 registered hotel beds.

More Datas on Hotels

Hotels in Shimla

Shimla being the capital metropolis of Himachal Pradesh is ever frequented by visitants either on official responsibility or for vacationing. Shimla boasts of a few heritage hotels in add-on to luxury and comfort hotels.

Hotel Woodville Palace is a prime heritage hotel has 31 suites, Hotel Springfields is spread over 4 estates of land but merely has 11 suites. Guests look intoing into this heritage hotel experience a fantastic blend of old universe appeal and modern installations ; it is a hotel for high category tourers.Another hotel is the Cecil belonging to the Oberoi group, is a gilded luxury hotel holding 79 aesthetically designed elegant suites.The other hotels in Shimla include Hotel Span Resort, Hotel Snowcrest Manor, Hotel Ashok, Hotel Banon Reosrt, Ram Regency Honeymoon Inn, Hotel Devlok, and Manali Inn. The Regent Center Point and Apple Valley Resort.

Five Star Hotels in Shimla

There are three major five star hotels in Shimla. Those are Radisson Shimla, Hotel Windflower Hall and Shilon Resort. These 5 star hotels offer first-class adjustment installations and are extremely preferred by visitants.

Four Star Hotels in Shimla

There are three major four star hotels in Shimla. Those are Hotel Asia The Dawn, Hotel Quality Inn Himdev and Hotel Pineview. These hotels are good known for the installations offered by them and are extremely favored by visitants excessively.

Three Star Hotels in Shimla

The three star hotels in Shimla are good known for supplying visitants with good installations at sensible monetary values. The three star hotels in Shimla are Hotel Ashiana Regency, East Bourne Resort, Baljees Regency, Hotel Combermere, Fair Mount Shimla and, Himani ‘s Premium Shimla.

Heritage Hotels in Shimla

The heritage hotels in Shimla are usually edifices with historical importance or are old edifices. The prima heritage hotels in Shimla are Chapslee Palace, Hotel Oberoi Shimla, Clarke ‘s Hotel, Woodville Palace Resorts and Hotel Springfields.

Luxury Hotels in Shimla

There is a broad scope of luxury hotels in Shimla. Those are The Cecil ( Oberoi Group ) , Shimla, Radisson Jass Hotel, Shimla, Wildflower ( Oberoi Group ) , Mashobra, Hotel Willow Banks, ( The Mall ) Shimla, Woodville Palace, Shimla, Hotel Combermere, Shimla and The Destination, Kalka-Shimla Highway, near Kandaghat.

Deluxe Hotels in Shimla

There are a batch of gilded hotels in Shimla.

Those are Woodpark hotel, ( near Kufri ) , Shimla, Hotel Silverine, Shimla, Ashiana Regency, Shimla, Brightland Hotel, Shimla, Hotel Baljees Regency, Shimla, Hotel Himdev, Shimla, Hotel Surya, Shimla, Hotel Leela Regency, Shimla and, Honeymoon Inn, Shimla.

Standard Hotels in Shimla

There are eight major criterion hotels in Shimla. Those are Hotel Victory, Shimla, Hotel Shingar, Shimla, Hotel De Park, Shimla, Sukh Sagar Resort, Shimla, Hotel Himland West, Shimla, Hotel Blossom, Shimla, WILDSIDE- Eco Retreat & A ; Campsite, Shimla and Cedar Heights Resort, Shimla.

Budget Hotels in Shimla

The budget hotels in Shimla are for those who want good installations at lesser costs. There are five major budget hotels in Shimla.

Those are Galleu Resort, Shimla, Hotel Mayur, Shimla, Park Woods Resort, Shimla, Hotel Dreamland, Shimla, and Hotel Taj Palace, Shimla. This is where most of the domestic visitants with a comparatively low but non so low criterion of life spend their darks when they visit Himachal.

Banjara Camps and Retreats in Shimla

There are 5 major banjara cantonments and retreats in the locality of Shimla. Those are Sangla Valley, Himachal, Mori Retreat, Shimla, Thanedar Retreat, Shimla, Sarahan Retreat and Shoja Retreat, Shimla.

Resorts in Shimla

There are a twosome of resorts in Shimla that are good known for the superb installations offered by them.

The major resorts in Shimla are Snow King Retreat, Whistling Pine Resorts and The Chalets Naldehra.

Hotels in Kullu Manali

Kullu Manali is among the most visited hill Stationss non merely in Himachal Pradesh but besides in India. A few of the noteworthy hotels in Kullu Manali include Hotel Span Resort on the River Beas Bankss, Hotel Snowcrest Manor, Hotel Banon Resort, Ram Regency Honeymoon Inn, Sagar Resorts, and Manali Inn.The other notable hotels in this north Indian hilly province are Hotel Grand View in Dalhousie, Hotel Hill Top in Chamba, Hotel Aupam Resort in Dharmsala, Hotel Taragarh Palace in Taragarh, and the Judge ‘s Court in Kangra.

About Transport in Himachal

Because of deficit of vehicles in Himachal, there are many other vehicles from out of Manali that are used for tourer activities, the figure of vehicles come ining Manali on a day-to-day footing are over 1,000 during the extremum season. The figure of vehicles heading to Rohtang Pass during the extremum season can travel over 2,000 vehicles daily.During the extremum season, many vehicles come to these tourist countries doing a batch of traffic jam and hence uncomfortableness to the tourers, the traffic jam can travel on for about two hours or so, which is clip devouring on the side of the site visionaries. This is besides attributed to the size and figure of roads which seems less as compared to the figure of visitants trafficking Himachal Pradesh for touristry.

Besides because of development purposes the towns are under building, for illustration in Shimla, the roads have had several perturbations because of the electricity boards that have been delving from clip to clip and non merely them but besides the telecommunications people every bit good as the route builders.Traffic is non merely experienced by the vehicle proprietors but besides the increasing figure of walkers is going a job in this tourer country, the promenades and shopping are no longer as attractive because of the multitudes that crowd the topographic points, dropping all kinds of waste documents, waste bottles doing the topographic point so hard to keep, the authorities has been seeking to happen ways of bettering the state of affairs but there is still a batch of work to be done in order to guarantee that the environment is taken attention of. Because of the different developments the forest countries of Shimla have non survived the proverb and many trees have been lost in the procedure. The rise in population has led to increased air pollution in the country ; the cragged countries are no longer as clean and attractive as they used to be. The pollution degrees goes to the extremum during the winter season because of the warming machines which use coal and others wood, let go ofing a batch of C monoxide into the ambiance, and it reduces in the rainy season. The pollution is besides increasing because of the vehicles that use fuel for their running, the fumes into the ambiance is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours and it is worse during the peak tourer seasons, firing refuse is another factor taking to increased pollution.

Below is a SWOT analysis that has been carried out on Himachal TourismSWOT refers to Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Harmonizing to the touristry policy of 2005 the STRENGTHS are:

Himachal is one of the rare topographic points in the universe offering five distinguishable seasons, therefore holding possible to pull tourer inflow unit of ammunition the twelvemonth ;It is both politically and socially stable.India is Recognized as a peaceful and hospitable State ;The clime is healthy.It is a pollution free environment ;Offers a rare pudding stone of eco-tourism, pilgrim’s journey, escapade, civilization, heritage, leisure, wilderness etc. ;Reasonably good substructure ;High literacy ;Rich history and heritage that has something to offer to all.Its Buddhist monasteries, which are of thousand old ages of old, ancient temples, churches and graveyards ;Particular bundle of inducements for puting up of touristry units ;Strong political will to advance touristry ;


Negligible air and rail nexus in the State ;Inadequate flow of foreign tourers ;Non-disbursal of tourers round the twelvemonth, seting terrible strains on civic substructure during the extremum season ;Lack of trained tourer ushers at of import tourer topographic points and historical tourer sites ;Impregnation at the constituted tourers finishs ;No new major tourers finish has come up late ;Lack of equal parking topographic points at of import tourer topographic points ;Poor selling of the State abroad and unequal selling within the state ;Very small budget ;Problem of land acquisition ;Problem of transition of forest land.


Strong potency for activity based touristry such as white H2O rafting, Para-gliding, trekking, mountain climbing, H2O athleticss, mountain biking, Car Rallies etc. ;A strong base for heritage touristry to pull individuals from all walks of society and spiritual beliefs ;To develop an ideal finish for nature lovers by advancing eco-tourism ;Create synergism between heritage and pilgrim’s journey touristry ;Development of wetlands of the State to pull nature lovers particularly bird spectators ;Promote the State as an unfastened university and larning Centre in mythology, anthropology and ornithology etc.

;Position it as an ideal finish for the movie industry ;Himachal has something to offer to individuals of all ages, groups, beliefs and involvements. There is limitless range for development of varied tourer bundles ;Himachal can go one of the prima escapade finishs in the universe ;Promote wilderness touristry for lovers and searchers of nature, peace and quiet.Create new finishs in yet unexplored but beautiful countries. This would besides ease the load on established tourer finishs.


Enormous strain taking to prostration, at times, of civic comfortss at taking tourist finishs during the season ;Haphazard growing & A ; building endangering the environment, particularly at the taking tourer finishs ;An dismaying growing of concrete constructions making a inharmoniousness with the local environment ;Unscrupulous commercialisation of touristry could gnaw the societal and cultural values ;Aggressive competition amongst the taking tourers States and a strong publicity of touristry by other States ;Lack of coordinated scheme by the different Government Departments ;A big addition in volume and limited addition in value ;Poor garbage/ waste disposal presenting menace to the environment.

Discussion and Analysis of Datas

Quantitative Analysis

Harmonizing to the informations above, the figure of tourers coming to India and to Himachal Pradesh in peculiar additions every twelvemonth, on mean the figure additions by 10,000 tourers yearly, this has an deduction that the income coevals of the state through ecotourism in Himachal Pradesh is besides increasing yearly.

This big addition would therefore call for an addition in the figure of hotels and conveyance installations in the tourer countries. The 53 hotels and 60 eating houses in 2003 can non be counted sufficient to keep the increasing figure of tourers, the figure of hotels and eating houses are besides supposed to be increasing at the same rate as the figure of tourers.Looking at the authorities programs in the informations above, there is hope that more hotels, eating houses and conveyance installations will be put in topographic point but there is besides a challenge of infinite and environmental preservation which have to be considered while thought of increasing the figure of hotels and other installations.In world it is barely impossible to see increasing installations depending on the figure of tourers because harmonizing to the informations above tourers will go on increasing and hence if edifices are to increase depending on tourer Numberss so there will come a clip when the authorities will hold to infringe on the natural resources infinite to run into adjustment demands, if this of all time happens that means the whole sense of tourer attractive force wo n’t hold significance because there will be really small left in footings of scenery to pull tourers.

The SWOT analysis above shows that the authorities is so cognizant of the possible that is within the tourer attractive force countries and hence cognizing the strengths, failings, chances and menaces it is easy to cognize where to put much. But the challenge comes in on the national budget, despite the fact that the above information Tells us that touristry industry contributes 8 % to the province gross, the authorities analysis shows that the industry has a limited budget, and that is why development is going so hard. This shows some contradiction, the part of the touristry industry to the national gross is adequate to develop the touristry industry and hence there should non be a deficit in footings of budget since the industry can run on its ain.Harmonizing to the information, there are more domestic tourers sing Himachal as compared to foreign tourers, any state would prefer to hold more foreign than domestic tourers, for the instance of Himachal the grounds have been explained in the information that there is a deficit in the air hose services and of class adjustment as good, authorities has realized this demand and has come up with ways of increasing handiness of air conveyance for the tourers which is good, all this has been stated in the policy above.

Qualitative Analysis

To get down with the point of increasing the available air hoses and air trades in order to let more tourers to see Himachal, this is a bright thought on the portion of the authorities, and the information depicts a spread by non clearly explicating how the authorities programs to make all this without degrading the environment of the country and hence without upseting the eco system, there is an obvious challenge here which the authorities and local governments need to turn to and incorporate in their planning.

Harmonizing to the above informations, the authorities is to the full involved in developing ecotourism and information shows that the authorities is ready to work manus in manus with the local and national governments in bettering the cordial reception sector, something which is truly encouraging.The SWOT analysis shows that one of the strengths of Himachal is that the environment is pollution free, as the figure of tourers increase in Himachal this strength is turning into a failing and a menace at the same clip, pollution is increasing at a high rate as some portion of the secondary information is demoing us that the more the people, the more refuse, the more fuel usage and therefore burning activities are increasing which cause nursery gas emanation in the environment, there is demand for the authorities to believe extremely on this.Some of the menaces spelled out by the SWOT analysis can be controlled by the governments for illustration the dismaying growing of concrete constructions taking to devastation of the environment, the governments can believe of an alternate to concrete constructions and as for the menace of haphazard growing and building besides endangering the environment, there is need to reconstitute the tourer countries and come up with substructure criterions to be followed by the local and national governments who are covering with cordial reception.Harmonizing to the informations on hotels in Himachal, the luxury hotels are really few in figure, with the authorities ‘s purpose of increasing quality tourers, tourers who know and appreciate the environment, tourers who come with the purpose of non merely basking nature but besides acquiring educated through nature, there calls for addition of the figure of epicurean hotels in the country because such would prefer to pass their clip in a more comfy topographic point. In this instance the local governments have to work manus in manus with the authorities because such developments need a batch of land and financess.