Tracking Training

Project Scope Statement: This project will consist of creating a software program that will enable our furniture company to connect to several locations across three states. With a budget of $67,500 we will complete this software program within 120 calendar days. 2.

Project Description: This software program will enable the furniture company to connect to five locations spread across three states: Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. This project will stay under budget and be completed in 120 calendar days.We will gather a team with different skill sets and be staffed with specialist from various functional departments of our company. 3. Activity List: Proved the required training In team building and problem solving skills. Form a team and create the staffing management plan Project sponsor needs to be updated about the status of the project. WEBS FIFO Role Title: Project Manager Role Description: All aspects of the project Responsibilities: Coordination and communication with outside agencies, coordination of the project documentation and provide guidance and direction to other team members.Role Title: Team Leader – Finance Role Description: Responsible to the project manager for financial issues related to the project.

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Responsibilities: Develop and monitor the business plan, budgets and project cash flow, locate any necessary investors and payment of all project expenses incurred by the project staff. Role Title: Team Leader – Legal Role Description: Responsible to the Project Manager for legal counsel related to the project activities as well as contract management and any necessary regulatory authority.Responsibilities: Drafting, reviewing and management of all contracts tit contractors/vendors, negotiation with any vendors. Role Title: Risk Manager Role Description: Responsible to the Project Manager coordinating the Risk Management Program. Responsibilities: Advising on risk management issues and ensuring the risk management document is updated.

Role Title: Team Leader – design Role Description: Responsible to the Project Manager for coordination of all activities related to design and authorization.Responsibilities: Supervision of the preliminary design, coordinate the construction of the software, oversight of any contractors, verbal quality of the programs and change control with respect to design. 5. Hierarchical-Type Organizational Chart: 1. Project Orientation Plan: Deliverables: Introduction of each member and a bit of background information on what brought you to the team. An icebreaker activity to help the team members get to know each other Introduction of the project and the expectations known to date. .

Mandatory and Desired Training for the Team: Description of the mandatory and desired skills of team members Description of all training activities required for building the team’s mandatory and desired skills Onsite training, as necessary, to learn the companies processes to better understand the need. 3. Tracking Training: Person responsible for assigning members for training Person responsible keeping records of training Metrics for assessing the effectiveness of training Section 3: Management Plan 1.Conflict Resolution Plan: SSL. NO.

Potential Conflicts Conflict Resolution Plan Software does not meet the companies needs Determine needs based on team member input and ensure software meets all needs. 2. Project will go over budget Map out the needs of the business and the cost breakdown. Add a 3% allowance on al items to cover any additional unexpected costs.

3. Project will not be completed by deadline given. Create a WEBS and include dates. Schedule regular meetings to ensure timeliness are being met. 4.

Training is not administered to all employees, causing ineffective use of the software Training will be conducted by the project team and developers. Company will have an assigned contact person from the project team to ensure all questions are addressed properly and additional training can be scheduled as needed. 5 Scheduling of Team Members allotted and ensure high priorities are addressed. . Rewards-and-Recognition Program: Desirable behaviors in a team member: Rewards: Set up a rewards program for completing tasks ahead of schedule.Also have a reward system for improvement ideas contributed to the project. Recognition: Recognition should have a place on the agenda of each meeting. It is imperative to recognize team members for their accomplishments.

3. Compliance Strategy: Set up measurable requirements throughout the project that can be used to Ensure all laws and regulations are followed throughout the process. Ensure all financial goals are met rather than exceeded.