Trough the eyes of a year-old

Lange, and the contention he has with his over-all thoughtless decision because he has no idea where his life is headed. The rules of employment for any job play an important role for anyone, but Sammy decided to ignore the rules he thought was pointless in hopes of the girls not thinking he was a square for enforcing the store policy.

Because of the three girls walking In wearing nothing but bathing suits, Instead of him telling them to cover-up or leave, he says to himself,” the one that caught my eye first was the one in the plaid green two-piece.She was a chunky kid, tit a good tan and a sweet broad soft-dash looking can with those two crescents of white Just under it. ” He shows his disregard for the establishment he is working for by ignoring customers in his line due to erotic thoughts of the young women in bathing suits.

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Other than being attentive to the task hand, he ends up scanning ” the no eyebrow witch’s Hoi crackers twice. ” Also In Sammy Immature ideas he says, ” women generally put on a shirt, shorts, or something before they get out of the car, but these women usually have six children and varicose veins. Sammy himself hoses whom the rules should or should not apply to when in all actuality the rules should be administered to every customer.

Sammy view of the store policies differs from the view of the store manager, Lange. Sammy description of Lange is characterized In two words ” pretty dreary. ” As the nine-teen-year-old Is enjoying his view of ” Plaid, Agony-Agony, and Queen clouds rain down on his parade as Lange, the Sunday school teacher, approaches them and says, ” Girls, this Is not the beach. After this come in here with your shoulders covered. It is our policy. ” ForSammy, having these girls in the store is a once in a lifetime treat because every day is the same for him at the small town grocery store. Wanting to be a hero and not wanting to be old fashioned like Lange, in his mind he stands up for the three girls because he believes everything Lange says Is Incorrect.

When speaking up for them, Sammy says, ” You did not have to embarrass them. ” Lange replies, ” It was they who were embarrassing us. ” Of course, Sammy did not agree, and with the girls hurrying out of the store he quickly says to Lange ” quit ” in hopes of them hearing IM.

Sammy had a chance to retract his thoughtless decision when Lange said specifically, ” Did you say something, Sammy? ” Instead of thinking about the consequences to his actions, he continued with his original words by replying to Lange Ana saying, ” I salsa I quit ” only Dealing addle to think auto getting outset the girls, and not quite realizing what he has done Just yet, Lange tells him, ” Sammy, you do not want to do this to your Mom and Dad. You’ll feel this for the rest of your life. ” Once outside and seeing the girls did not wait for him, he is not the hero he Hough he was and finally realizes the magnitude of his actions.He knows his mom and dad are going to be disappointed, but follows through with his life changing decision regardless of how they might feel. Not knowing where he will go from he says his final disrespectful thought to himself towards Lange by thinking, ” his face was dark gray and his back stiff, as if he had Just had an injection of iron.

” He walks away with his head held high but inside he is in turmoil as he feels as his stomach fell ” , I felt how hard the world was going to be to me hereafter. “In conclusion, Sammy realizes rules are meant to be followed whether they are right or wrong, even though emotionally he feels it is right but knows it is wrong. He also realizes that his emotions got the best of him and continued this behavior in every situation his life will be in constant conflict.

When expressing disagreements, he knows there are different ways to go about them, but as a young man he let his emotions overcome his moral reasoning. Where his life will go from here, depends on how well he learned from his thoughtless decision to quit his Job trying to be a hero.