Trump and Immigrants

Donald Trump, a presidential candidate who has held no previous political office, has won the hearts of Americans just like him: misogynistic, racist, and uneducated. One of the main reasons Trump is winning in the polls is because he is so vocal on his opposition to immigrants who have illegally entered the United States.

According to Trump, immigrants are all criminals, drug dealers, and all around bad people. His statements have led to him losing connections to major companies such as Macy’s and Univision. You would think that this would defer Trump from being so open about his uneducated opinions, but it has only gained more media attention allowing him to spread his ideas of hatred to the public. Trump claims that his proposal is for the safety of America and it’s citizens. He often implies that Muslims were the cause of fear in American citizens. During his rally in Rochester, New Hampshire, Trump dodged a question regarding his Muslim ban. The questioner started off by saying that Muslims are a big problem in this country and insisted that President Obama is a practicer of Islamic faith, calling him un-American.

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At this point, Trump raises his arms and chuckles saying “We needed this question”. Without blatantly saying anything, his non-verbal body communication suggests that he agrees with the audience member’s obvious uneducated statements.The audience member then goes on to bring up “training camps” that supposedly all Muslims are using to kill Americans.

Trump avoids the question by responded “We are going to be looking at a lot of different things. A lot of my people are saying that there a lot of bad things happening there. We will be looking at that and plenty of other things.

” His answer made entirely of filler words has somehow resonated with almost two-thirds of his supporters, who agree with his plan to ban. Although I may be in denial, I refuse to believe that so many agree with Trump’s racist a…