TV is bad for your Health

If your not aware, watching the TV daily for around 2-3 hours, can affect your life. It goes slowly at first, but when you least expect It, It will strike, and you will be left vulnerable. Unless you are aware, and you prevent the problem before it occurs. I have mustered up three reasons to help you stop watching the TV for too long. Hopefully you listen to my advice. First, the TV is influencing your worldwide view.

Television rarely depicts the world and life accurately.Secondly, it costs you a lot of money to pay for the electricity, and to pay for all the “jumbo movie channels” that companies say will supposedly “Improve” your everyday life. Instead, they charge you more monthly, for those channels, and those channels end up playing almost every entertaining old movie there is, and your left there alone on your couch, thinking why you agreed to pay $17. 99 more a month for a bunch of stupid movie channels.

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Lastly, the average American watches an average of 5. 1 hours of television a day.Instead of watching your usual dally routine of Sponge, and Uncle Grandpa, you could of been exercising, or fulfilling a dream of yours.

This Is why I think that Americans should watch less TV. To begin, watching television for too long will influence your world wide view. For example, if a false ad about bola kept playing after every 5 minutes, about how there is a new cure for bola, after you keep watching it over and over and over, it begins to stick in your mind. Your worldwide view was Just changed.So when you go o school or work the next day, and tell all your buddies about your fascinating discovery, they’ll Just laugh and walk away. According to https:// www_pessimistically_corn. “Anybody who has ever been a policeman, a lawyer, a psychiatrist, an ERE doctor, or an FBI agent will attest to the truth that television does not accurately portray their life. In almost all aspects, television rarely depicts the world and life accurately.

Too much television results in disillusionment about what to expect from the world around us.This can most commonly be seen in people’s expectations of love, romance, and sexuality. ” TV rarely depicts the world and life accurately. But when It does portray It correctly, It ends up to be boring, and ends up being skipped a lot. That Is why TV will Influence your world wide view. Secondly, watching television on a daily basis is costing Americans way too much money.

Paying for all the movie channels, and all the electricity. Don’t get me started on the monthly fee that the company will charge you. All that will cost ALLOT. According to https://www. Pessimistically. Mom, “Americans spend over $6 billion ere year Just paying for the electricity to power their television sets. Add in the cost of cable/satellite bills, DVD’s, movie subscriptions, peripherals and we’re starting to talk about real money. ” This piece of evidence shows how much people will pay for all that cable and electricity charges.

That is why I think that television service costs way too much money. Lastly, the alternatives to watching TV are Just too great. According to https:// vim. pessimistically. Com, “Its opportunity cost is too great. The average American watched an average of 5.

Ours of television per day In 2009. That’s time you could nave spent exercising, eating a meal together, entertaining, enjoying nature, meditating, enjoying a hobby, reading a book, or fulfilling a dream. ” Instead of your daily dose of your favorite cartoons, you could have been exercising or enjoying a hobby. But no, you Just had to get in on the latest gossip on Kim Sardinian! This is why I think that the alternatives to watching TV are too great. In conclusion, watching TV is both bad for your financial health, your mental health, and your world wide perspective.It can and it will affect your mind, to bend into that stereotypical, TV controlled person that Just feeds people lies, thinking that it is the truth.

Firstly, watching television for too long may affect your world wide view. Secondly, it costs Americans a lot of money Just for electricity to run the TV ALONE. Lastly, the alternatives instead of watching TV are Just too great. Instead of watching TV, you could have read a book, or even enjoy nature. Before you put this piece of truth down, ask yourself this one question.

How much TV have you REALLY been watching?