Two serious problems preventing the students’ comprehension from

Two literature (e.g. Chung, H. V., 2013; Khruawan and Dennis, 2017) have examined the effect of learning a reading skill to enhance students’ reading comprehension in EFL classroom at junior high school. These two literature provide positive results from learning reading comprehension in helping students’ comprehension problem in reading skill. For example, Chung, H. V. (2013) conducted by the research to find out a problem that university students encounter when comprehending English texts. They also investigated the way they process such texts. In this study, Chung used a survey as an instrument. He gives a questionnaire was randomly distributed to 13 students of Vietnamese studies faculty at HUE, and at the age of 18 through 20. All of the students, they have studied English for 6 years. His findings showed that the two most serious problems preventing the students’ comprehension from English reading were the lack of vocabulary and more to reread.In addition, Khruawan and Dennis (2017) conducted the research to examine students’ achievement in reading comprehension taught by Content-Based Instruction (CBI) Approach. In this study, Khruawan and Dennis use 186 for participants and a total sample is 50 students randomly for this research in Khowangwittayakhom School, Yasothon students. They take students’ level proficiency is grade ten students. They give the instruments that were CBI approach lesson plans, pre-test and post-test and questionnaire. Their findings showed that using CBI approach helped 50 students in Khowangwittayakhom School enhance their reading comprehension in reading. It also open-minded towards English reading to them because the students have read various contents, has learned various vocabulary and has learned the structure of sentence through the contents.The study above has shown that reading comprehension may help students in reading skill. They find out the result of students’ approach to reading comprehension such they can use CBI approach and questionnaire for the instruments. However, Chung, H. V.’s (2013) study focused on university students while Khruawan and Dennis (2017) concerned with senior high school students. This present study will examine the reading skill to focus help students’ comprehension in reading and the participants will be 50 students.B. Definition of terms In investigating the reading comprehension problems to enhance students’ reading skill, it is necessary to understand three important terms used in this paper. They are reading comprehension, Reading comprehension problems in EFL classroom and the solutions according to the researchers. 1) Reading comprehensionReading comprehension is a comprehension activity process that occurs before, during and after a person reads a specific message in every piece of the text. According to Hans (2015), reading comprehension is showed by the measurement of the students’ comprehension in a text or massage. This comprehension comes from the influence words in written and how they are getting of the text or message. He says reading comprehension is a measurement of students’ understanding in reading of the content. This understanding can we seen by the influence their written in words and how the way they are getting after of the text or massage. This concept, we can know that how students’ understanding of the text. For example; after students read the whole of text, students must retell the story what they are getting meaning of the text by writing. So, the reader may evaluate understanding of the writer of the text. In addition, according to Broek and Espin (2012) reading comprehension is difficult interaction between automatically and understanding easier process that may the reader to make consideration of illustration of the text or message. They argue that reading comprehension is an interaction difficulty automatically in read of the text. This activity is understanding process for the reader to consider of explanation of the text or message. For example; students usually read difficulty in English text. So, they can not to get the meaning quickly of English text or message. Besides, Alfassi (2015) viewed reading comprehension is as the reading of the difficult level understanding which is very important for getting function and getting information in this era and necessary assimilation of memory and defining construction. He states that reading comprehension is so hard to get the meaning. Whereas, reading is very important for getting information in this period. Reading is also for getting the function of the reading itself, such as to help students for developing the knowledge and skills. Reading comprehension needs comprehension in memory and needs definition of understanding of the text. For example; students read many times for getting the meaning of English text. They keep it in their mind and they also need explain the definition of the text. From the definition above, reading comprehension can be seen as an activity in which the students can be measured through creativity and interaction in understanding of content of the text or message. In this understanding, reading comprehension is difficult level for students’ understanding in reading English text. Many students cannot get the meaning of understanding of the text quickly. So, reading comprehension is the students’ understanding on the text or massage in the story about. Students can get information through reading skill and developed by answering the question. They can explain what the meaning of the text about. For example; students ask the question based on the text or students can answer the question from the teacher based on the text or massage.C. Reading comprehension problems in English as a foreign language (EFL) classroomSome previous studies as mentioned earlier show that the problems of reading comprehension in EFL classroom. Research carried out by Soemantri (2011) said many problems encountered by the students. Two of many problems are faced with speed reading and comprehension because they were stated by the rank is the highest of the problems. Every student studies with differences ways. First, students just focus on getting information without watching the time. They do that because they just focus on comprehension of the text. So, reading comprehension can be considered by time allocated. Second, students just focus on speed reading without understanding of the text. They do that because they find the key of answer of the text, so students cannot catch of the meaning of the text.Another research conducted by Shehu (2015) stated reading comprehension is always harder level occurs even the students who understand in decoding and spelling of the text. She shows that reading comprehension is harder level even if the students understand the meaning and spelling words of the text. Since reading is a part of language acquisition, it is necessary process for identification of the problems deeply faced by the students in reading comprehension. For example; students are given questions for identification of the text by the teacher. This way is students’ problem in reading comprehension of the text. Besides, Iqbal, Noor Muhabat, and Kazemian (2015) said the first factor of reading problems is low of mastery vocabulary which block the reading comprehension of the students in the English language. The second is guessing the meaning of the text. The first shows that usually reading problem comes from lack of vocabulary. They argue that vocabulary is very important factor for reading comprehension of the text. If students’ vocabulary is low, they will not be able to understand all of the meaning of the texts. The second shows that student cannot guess the meaning of the text. Students are not trained to find the meanings from the context by the teacher. They do not try by themselves to search the meaning of the text. Whereas, training in guessing the meaning of the text can develop understanding of the reading in English. From the problems of reading comprehension above, we can conclude that many problems faced by the students in reading comprehension. For example; speed reading, comprehension, spelling and decoding, and low of mastery vocabulary are the problems in students’ reading comprehension. Students can read faster, it does not mean they comprehend of the text. Students can spell and decode words well, it does not mean they also comprehend the meaning. This students’ problems have to comprehend as well. Reading comprehension is not easy only focus on speed reading, comprehension, spelling and decoding, but we have to relate one to other. So, many problems faced by students’ reading comprehension. For example; Students can read aloud with good pronunciation but they have not known the meaning yet of the text. Even the students can understand in decoding and spelling but they have not comprehended yet in the text. Therefore, teachers have to know the lack of students in reading English text for understanding in reading problems. D. The solutions encountered by reading comprehension problems in English as a foreign language (EFL) classroomMany experts give the solutions encountered by reading comprehension problems in EFL classroom. First expert is given by Soemantri (2011) that the problem of reading comprehension is speed reading. Reading comprehension is more important because they can help the students to show scientific book. This way also can get information easier without waste a lot time. Moreover, they are able applied at much time during the readers want to get the main idea quickly. The second expert, Hulme, and Snowling (2011) suggest a natural question is whether looks alike  oral language intervention program. We call this program as OL (Oral-Language) program that involve oral-language work only. This activity does not need reading and writing skill to students. The result of this activity is to improve in test or examination of vocabulary knowledge involving words that have not been taught by the teacher. Furthermore, Oral language program also can improve students’ oral language comprehension skill.The last expert, Khaki (2014) says questioning, especially student-generated questions which is a useful strategy that improves student reading comprehension. He state student-generated questions can be evidenced by engaging the students with the result of their own questions to be better learning. For example; when student in elementary school can ask about the topic based on WH-questions and other listen their friend. This activity is to improve speaking skill trough reading comprehension.   From the discussion above, it can be concluded that the solutions from the research of reading comprehension problems are speed reading, understanding of the meaning and student-generated questions are used to improve students’ reading comprehension. As the teacher, we have to know students’ lack of reading comprehension, in order that teacher can give the solutions exactly to the students.So, one of many solutions faced by the reading comprehension problems is getting the meaning quickly. Getting the meaning quickly is very hard level in reading because the students read in L2. No one can get the meaning quickly in student level, especially in elementary school. For example; many students who is good in spelling and decoding of the text but they can get comprehension in reading English text, Shehu (2015).